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The concept looks really cool, but how do I play?

Thanks! Yeah it was my first game jam, but I only worked on music and the background I guess. Shows that working in a team makes all the difference.

Thanks! I actually worked on the music and all epicnoob (the director) told me is to make cryptic but also upbeat somehow. Really happy how it turned out with cool feeling and atmosphere

Quite silly might I add

Nice! Just played through the whole thing in your fixed and it was really fun. Great job guys and glad I could help

Really nice looking and the puzzles are really fun too. However when you get to the big level and go through the first opening from the left on the main centered horizontal wall, it seemed I teleported/clipped into the ground and could not move at all and moving sound effects continued even when I didn't touch anything on my keyboard. But other than that, it was pretty good, seems like I should have paid at least like, a dollar for this

Really really cool concept! Grabbing the different buddies to create combinations of colors is a really interesting idea! I also love the art style with paper and tape that stays in character from the UI to the background to all the characters. Other than the one soft-lock I experienced on the one screen with three buddies, it was a really great game.

Neat concept! However it's a little bit unclear how you can defend yourself using the skull and/or the tether between the player and the skull.

Thank you! Yeah it was my first time doing music for anything, so I'm happy with how it turned out. About the repeatitive-ness, it was our first crack at procedural generation and we ended up having to just re-use the one part that worked from it over and over again due to time constraints. I think more time MIGHT have made it better, but we probably would have just procrastinated a bit longer if that was the case lol.

Awesome game! I really like how you focused more on collecting and exploring rather than high scores. I came here cause of the great feedback one of your guys gave our project so I'm here to return the favor! I really like the art-style and the feel, as well as the HUGE map to explore. However, I did get stuck in landmasses a couple times which made a softlock for me. I also feel that it would benefit a lot from some auditory stimulation, but I understand that it wasn't included due to time constraints. The gameplay is also really fun and creative too. Great job for the time you had!

Really cool idea on how you use the village members as a weapon and chaining them together! It's really a shame that you didn't have more time. Some generic sfx or music would make the experience better, but more imporantly, I wish my attacks would work on the goblins. A more clear explaination of controls would be appreciated too. However for a 3D game made in 48, hours. Not bad!!

I think the theme is portrayed by how the members of the village hold hands as you collect more and more

WASD keys to move.

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now this is epic. I like the voice acting a lot, and it's a neat concept of how you are trying to stop sonic, instead of playing as him. However the gameplay feels a little stiff. Sometimes sonic wouldn't go when I clicked him, the camera movement is too slow, and while the tutorial voice acting is cool, it's a bit long so I would suggest maybe making it stoppable. But honestly, considering it was a jam and not a full game you worked for a long time or anything, I think you did a great job! At least you finshed something... unlike me

Love the artstyle!

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Jacob Invaders - a clone imagined version of Space Invaders!!!

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