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Wow, thanks for bringing this to my attention.  I know in the humanities there is often a lot of resentment at the notion that the study of human societies can be a hard science, but this is the approach I am interested in.  Thanks for the find.  Is there any other literature of Turchin's you can point me to?  Would be interested in reading up.  Also, are you a part of our other communities?  Would like you to stick around.  It's helpful to have people with your perspective.

Very interesting concept ShinShimon, I hadn't really thought of imperial social cohesion from this cyclical kind of perspective.  What would be especially interesting is to observe this kind of "secular" social cycle when it intersects with resource depletion cycles, like soil depth and fertility.  The trick would be to represent the secular cycle you describe in the form of individual powerful families and their attitudes.  I'll have to read up more on Turchin, thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Fascinating concept.  I like the idea of a race that is considered contemptible for reasons other than their actual behavior (but presumably these guys could parasatize intelligent races if they really wanted to?)  Imagine you are a human merchant visiting a hive, and how uneasy you'd feel knowing that you were surrounded by a race of creatures specifically adapted to parasatize you.  At the very least these guys would make for a cool "monstrous" race to interact with.

We're actually in the progress of producing wildlife, biomes, etc with 0.2

Hello, I have a game distributed through and I was curious whether it was possible to host 2 different files, one which would be free to the public and another (better) version which is available to our Patrons from Patreon.  If not, can anyone think of a way to achieve this outcome?