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thank you so much! that would be awesome, can you email me?

aw thank you, i hope you enjoyed it a second time too!

this is the best game in the world. i'm serious. game of the year 2020. no question.

hey! i'm so sorry you're having these issues; i'm working on some new fixes for a V1.3, i'll look into this one and hopefully patch it up! thanks for posting ;;

wow, i'm so glad to hear that you love the game!! shukran aktir :> 

whew i’m glad you were able to keep going! i’ll look the backwards thing asap anyway, so happy to hear you’re into the game!!

oh gosh that is a really bad bug T___T i’ll get on it right away, hopefully will upload a fix tonight! sorry about that 💦

wishing you good luck + good health! i also have medical issues that make game dev really difficult, so yeah people can understand what you're going through... you always have to make sure you're OK first! the game will happen when the time's right. good luck w/ everything! 

hey there, epileptic artist/game designer here! i've been throwing around the idea of hosting a game jam for the month of november -- which is national epilepsy awareness month -- inviting creators to make games about their experiences with epilepsy, whether it be having the condition itself, being close with someone who struggles with epilepsy, etc. also would like to open the jam to anyone who is managing a chronic illness of some kind to tell their story.

the jam would go through all of november so people have plenty of time, and there would be a rule against flashing lights + need specific warnings in regard to loud/incongruent sounds. the definition of "game" would be fairly loose -- as long as the story is interactive in some way, it'd be considered!

i'm trying to gauge interest for the jam and am hoping that people would be interested! if this sounds interesting to you or if you have questions/comments please comment below, or email me at . thank you!!

one of my favorite comics always! 

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hey there, thanks for playing! I'm glad you like it but sorry to hear there are some issues ~___~

> you don't actually have to use any of the items; the game will allow you to progress naturally as you get them.

> sometimes rpg maker 2k fonts come out looking completely different on people's machines -- not sure why this is but it's a known system issue, you can download a font patch here that should fix it:

hope this helps! please feel free to comment again if you have any more questions <3