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I certainly understand how that can be! ;)  

I agree.  By level 2 I was finding myself wishing I knew which way to go for that last room of enemies.  It was never too difficult, but when we're already short on time every bit helps!

This is a pretty cute action game, although I started to find it repetitive by the time I got to level 5.  Everything was very polished, and the art and sound worked together with the game quite well!

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Not sure how it came to be this way, but it looks like it might be a problem with how the zip is packed, and your tool of choice isn't dealing with it well.  I notice that 7zip displays the game's folder inside the zip as being nested inside a folder named "..".  Obviously, that's not ideal.

I agree about the zen feeling.  The music, the sound effects, and the gameplay almost form a rhythm that's a bit hypnotizing!

That was really fun.  The setting worked really well, and so did the music.  I managed to make it in time and with spare funds!

Though I like rhythm games, I'm not especially fond of rhythm games that use arbitrary letters on the keyboard.  Despite that, this was solid, played well, and had sufficient charm to really be enjoyable. :)

I trust it (it does appear to Just Work™), but I wanted to verify anyway before sending them out into the world!  Oddly enough I did run into the case issue on another project I put together this week, but it was on Windows.  It worked fine when run from inside the editor, but the exported version failed until I fixed the filename cases to be consistent.

Absolutely, thanks for the reminder!  I didn't develop on either of them, so I want to do a quick check that the exports work and upload Linux and macOS versions soon. :)

Thanks!  I'm excited to see what everyone else has made.

From the looks of other entries, I think I can add new versions to the available downloads, and make a note on the download page that only v1.00 should be considered for judging.  I want to be judged on what I complete before the deadline, of course, but I would like non-judges to have access to the bug fixes that have been made since (so far a simple fix, but very visible in a specific case I didn't catch in time).

Thanks for the answer!  It would be great to have that information posted on the Jam itself for those not using Discord, once the answer has been sorted out. :)

Is there a set length for the judging period?  The jam page does not currently specify any details on what we can expect at this stage.

I have a question regarding updates post-deadline.  I found (and have a fix for) a functional bug in the display of the victory screen in my game and would like to upload a v1.01 to the page, but I don't want that to affect the version which was submitted for the GameJam.  I'm uncertain how this works, so I was hoping someone could clarify if this is possible, and if so, do I need to do anything in particular to maintain the current submission for the Jam without interference from updates.

Awesome!  Thanks for the SVG additions!

That was my thinking as well, when it comes to using SVG.