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Just did my first playthrough. Thank you for this. I jumped on the Wallflower route immediately because... well, I've been in a long distance friendship/flirtation with a gaming buddy for years, and I think it's permanently impacted my idea of romance. Late nights swapping in game items and instant messages in an MMO is an achingly familiar dynamic. We were supposed to finally meet in person last year but ahahaha WELP.

Fantasizing about a world where I could have been lucky enough to find out we lived in the same building is a bittersweet little bit of wish fulfillment that was nice to indulge in. 

(... that same RL online other is right now messaging me to gently remind me that I'm up too late, a service we provide each other across time zones. XD I'll pass on the link before we say goodnight. Thank you for keeping me up playing this.)

Oh good. And yes, it's fair to want to have a simplified system that's features forward for the demo. Thanks for explaining. Again, super looking forward to this. The writing in Arcade Spirits 1 was one of the things that got me through the rough patches in the 2020 hell year. 


One question I did have, though. In the original game, when you start playing, there was the option to hide the icons showing which choice is associated with which stat. I chose that for my first playthrough, as it allowed me to focus on the content of the choices for my first time, rather than thinking about what stats they'd boost. For later playthroughs where I already had a clearer idea of which choices did what, and when I was more focused on getting specific outcomes, I turned the icons back on and it was helpful for that. It looks like the stat icons are on by default in the demo at least. and I kinda missed being able to hide them for my first run. Did I just miss seeing a choice or a button? Or is that option removed? 

Regardless, I am VERY much looking forward to this!



Holy heck I've been trying to expand my horizons and explore more of the world of horror media this Halloween month and this unnerved and frightened me more than the Hitchcock MUCH KUDOS

Just finished doing every route (and may go back to do every route again with Flirty First Impressions turned on. I'm a timid soul! I decided to go slow burn on my first playthrough! But Flirty seemed like the way to go with Teo, whom I saved for last, and DANG.)  

This game was delightful. Both as a fun witty workplace romance, and as a call to stop coasting and try to live for something more than survival. Which... sounds like a lot to read into a romantic comedy. But the protagonist's depression lethargy and desperate need for a kick in the pants towards something better... hit uncomfortably close to home at the moment. 

ASIDE FROM A TIMELY LIFE MESSAGE, the character designs are gorgeous, the UI aesthetic is delightful, and I loved how much you could customize your experience. Not only in terms of the MC's appearance and pronouns, but also in things like the aforementioned Flirty First Impressions toggle. I can play through the game breathlessly ogling and flirting, or play it cool slow burn, or play it pure platonic! I love that I can tailor it to my comfort levels this way (or play it every which way to see all the different ways dialogue can play out). 

I got this in the bundle, like so many others, but I am one hundred percent ready to pay full price for the sequel when it comes out. Quarter up!

Same thing here, and I would also like to know. A friend gifted me a bundle that I'd already purchased. I want to know if I can return it to them so they can give it to someone else, or if I can pass it on to someone else myself. I emailed itch support but haven't heard back yet. 


This had me ADHD hyperfixating and infodumping to my very tolerant long distance boyfriend throughout my playthrough. "NO BUT SEE BEING A POMERANIAN IS A METAPHOR but also literal he very much is an actual pomeranian BUT ITS ALSO LIKE SYMBOLIC???" I shrieked through my typing fingers. "AND NOW HE'S CHASING SQUIRRELS!!!" Thank god the man finds special interest rants endearing. 

This was so sweet and tragic and tender and nnnngh, so GOOD. Thank you. 

Thank you so much! I'm so glad I got the laughs with this weird little thing. XD