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Ähhhm... Of course, it's the Magic Power o.o

i like the game its silly and funny, and i really love the animation of the wizard when he is doing his magic :)

I really liked the art of the game. Good Job :)

I like the style of the game :)

i like the game art and concept but the hitboxs are sometimes really frustrating :)

Its a funny game and i like the idea that your cards are your spells. It remindes me of slay the spire :)

I really like the game. It's calm and interessting and lovely soundtrack :)

Really nice Game. Calm and interessting

Thanks, it means a lot to hear it from somebody that made in my eyes the Best game in the jam :) 

thanks i did it, but now im not able to win because it wasnt submitted in time right? :c

Hey, does anyone know how to fix this, i spent a lot of time and thought i could get a lot of feedback but just realized that windows will tell you it`s a virus :( 

So i guess all the work was for nothing :((

I really liked the game, it makes a lot of fun to discover the world and see whats next :) And i like the pixelart style, i went for a pixelart style too :D

Would love some feedback :)

Lux Jam community · Created a new topic My First Game Jam

Hey guys, i played a lot of games and it's really fun and exiting. It was a very fun Game Jam and i want to say thank you for that. And if you have time it would be nice to get a feedback :)

If you want that i play your game send me the link, i played ca. 40 and wanna play more :D

I really like the atmosphere of the game. The transitions are really clean and the music is really chill and nice :)

It makes a lot of fun. It's really really awsome. 5*

i love the animation when i die because the light :D