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Looks promising, however hard without seeing what i have written so far. A in game cli would be cool

Well done! Sometimes it is hard to understand why i cannot place a piece where i where i want to

Story is awesome! Sound fits perfectly, it is a shame that the text is hard to read due to the Scrolling behavior

Interesting Concept, easy to learn but hard to master. Sometimes I felt like hitting the enemy head on but got Damage instead

Several different art styles mixed together. Would like to see more cohesion. Controls worked well, however Jumping felt a bit off

Nice Concept, but enemies spawn out of nowhere is never a good idea

Nice stylized look, gets very hard very quickly, Levels get too Long / respawn painful. Controls work with Physics until you are in the air and let go of the Control then you stop which feels weird

Looks amazing, however controls are not intuitive and cause a lot of Frustration.

Promissing idea, good tutorial / learning curve but later Levels are too hard (even possible?)

Instructions not clear, Looks fun though