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this is really cool, the only suggestion I have is for the dash controls , maybe right mouse and have a dash cool down meter. I loved the art and Music  5 out of  5 in my opinion

thanks for playing. I was thinking to add s but more to the level but i decided  to keep it short and simple, This was the first time that I used shaders to make  the transitions so a lot of my time went into making the menu and the story.  thanks for your suggestions.

I have to agree that the tail swipe is the best attack (op). nice game good job.

nice art , and sound effects , I found the mouse pointer a little difficult to see at times

Nice tower defense game. Interesting story.

 I am in  the process of replanting the flowers in my garden, so that the humming birds would come back, they are really beautiful and facilitating creatures, thanks for playing and your feed back, It was challenging for me to figure out the balancing of the invincibility , with the number of enemies in the final room  ,and the player health remaining . I wanted to give the feeling of making a Last stand ,and completing the stage with 1 hit point left.  

thanks for playing and your feed back . I did the art for the player and the bees , I video game art , I have a vision but I really wish that I could draw things the way i see them in my head.

cool game like the art work. the sound was really low for me for some reason but it was fun !

nice retro feel .  I had to google griffpatch . so this game was made with scratch .  good job 

Nice art and music , but I am not sure if I am doing something wrong , I can place unlimited number of guns and there only seems to be one wave of tanks. This is a great start.

there is a lot here in terms of game logic and decision making, nice job !

thanks that will be wonderful , congrats on second place, I am already following you for updates.

This was amazing, was that an 8 bit reggaeton beat OMG. "Mofongo" Awesome. and in so little time. you smashed all my favorites, the art of Galaga,  the pick up sounds and satisfaction of the bolts in ratchet and clank and a pumping music track.  I could see myself back in the 80's  Arcade coin after coin and this would definitely have to be controlled by a Track ball.  I would love to see where you take this, maybe add some galaga type enemies and a shooting mechanic. You have something great here.

ok it is much better when not spamming the shoot like a crazy person lol.

I did not know  that I will give it another go.

great job for  under 3 hours, the bubble did get caught a couple times at the top of the screen making it difficult to stay alive. I would have liked the difficulty to increase as I played. the audio and visuals were nice.

Cool idea, but really difficult for me I could not last more than 10 seconds in around. lol  good job in such a short time.

another great adventure with  Mr snailburt cool art style ,  good job.

Well you did a really good job with the Fog of war!  The only thing was when I got the chance to upgrade I would sometimes accidentally click an upgrade with out seeing the choice because the mouse pointer was over a button when the choices appeared. overall this is an amazing job for just 3 hours .

That is great I am following for the post jam update. Hope that you have the time to continue to work on in. I think that you will get a good score in this jam.

That scene change was a bit jarring , lol was not expecting the musical version of blasphemous. I love rhythm games and this was good one for such a short development time

ok so first I know that you had fun making this game,  and there are people out there that might think this is just another vampire survivors clone, but I think that you are really on to some thing here.  really great game.

thanks for playing and for the encouragement. I am really glad you liked it.

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this game me the in the zone feeling once I got the  hang of the controls . I liked that there was a balancing act, between charging the battery and delivering food. I wish there was some more feed back when the robot was charging, like a charging sound.

It really has some interesting choices , and you know that someone out there are asking for these things lol, and  never managed to get my son on earth. But I did create flat earthers just for fun !

thanks for playing! I know right ? When I was making the game over screen I thought "nah don't stop the music this is my JAM !" thanks for the encouragement.

Thanks for playing , simple and cool exactly what i was hoping to achieve . AWESOME !

Thanks for playing and it means a lot to me that you liked my art , I was going for cozy but getting in the zone , to beet it the closest I came was 3 seconds left on the clock.

Thanks for playing, and it means a lot that you found my illustrations charming.  I have been using godot to make my games and then I found Krita. and game dev  has been awesome ever since. But there is still some much more that I want to learn

Nice game, fit the theme nicely ,  makes me think vampire survivors on rails.

nice art and music, interesting story to go  with the gameplay.

Fun game. The music was really catchy

The footsteps when mr snail when to get the breaker cracked me up lol ! there was a good variety in the game and the boss fight was fun great job !

Really good effort for such a short time,  the survival mechanic was  really cool,  is there a way to beat  the game? I survived for 12 days and just sent someone out to die to see what would happen. HA HA !

Certainly not your average game jam game experience, there is a lot open to individual interpretation here.

ok so the instructions were a bit vague for my understanding , but when I figured out what was going on this was stressful fun and a good way, by level 3 I got it. this kind of reminded me of days gone, or the zombie things in I am legend. great job done in 3 hours. so turn of the lights and RUN !  the 1 hit death was a bit harsh I think.

Great job to complete this  in 3 hours it was a lot of fun. Add a timer and auto start next level and you got a great speed run game. I really did not miss the audio. 

great suggestions . thanks for playing . This was my first time actually participating in the Tri Jam, so it was difficult planning out things, but i had a lot of fun, and will definitely do it again.

cool game the controls are really good.

Thanks for playing. I am really glad you liked it.