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Fourthed? Yeah, Fourthed!

Linux or MacOS build please

This looks great! I think I'll actually pre-order.

Just a note about the description: "Play as a special ops combat unit sent to investigate why the stars around SolarPlay as a special ops combat unit sent to investigate why the stars around Solar System are going dark in MegaSphere ..."

I think... I found F.O.U.R. randomly while browsing through itch.  I clicked because of the minimal character style (I'm looking for character style ideas for my own game), and wanted to see if you had made other games with minimal character styles when I saw Blomst. I love tiny planets and could not help myself :)

This should be called Flappy D and the Boyz

Simple, calm and satisfying.  Well done! Toward the end of terraforming, it felt like a compulsion to COVER THE PLANET WITH PRETTY PRETTY PLANTS

The premise is hilarious and had me laughing immediately.  The gameplay is much more fun than I expected! Well done.

Cute! The waving arms made me laugh immediately.  Is there a finale I missed? I made everyone happy, and I assumed that would make me happy and then everyone would dance or something. Riding animals was a nice touch.

This game looks awesome, but I must agree. Steam is lame for being a pro-DRM resource hog, which is why I use and GOG in the first place.  Why not make the full version available here for full price? I would buy immediately.