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Deep light games

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Thks! Oh, I like your idea!. Make it happen!

There is one now, in case you're interested :)

Glad you liked it! :)

Glad you liked it :)

Glad you enjoyed it ^^

Thanks for the heads up! Fixed!

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Since there were little room, I just choose to let that in the hands of the players. So far in all my 24XX games there was almost no unreasonable suggestions of skills in advancement. When tone is right, I guess is best to just go with the flow.

Not at the moment. 

I'm writing others for the series, maybe I'll create a bundle at the launch of those?

FOUND IT! For some reason the hide file was ticked o.0

FOUND IT! For some reason the hide file was ticked o.0

At first, it was PWYW. Maybe you acquired at that time?

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That's so weird. The files are attached to the post... Removed and attached them again. If it still doesn't work maybe its a bug? I can see the files all right


Another nice setting! Congrats!

First of all, really interesting concept and mechanics!

If you don't mind me saying, I think you can improve player sheet. It is not so easy to understand what atribute is used for what. Maybe a flowchart or symbols could help out on that

Also, here follow some typos at the player sheet:
-GRAVE GOODS "...Tell that what you remember from your past"
-POSSESSION "... dirty urn that, when breaks broken, ..."

Nice! Helps a lot

Great one! Eager for the full thing!

Question: I'm not sure about the creatures stats. Was that proposital?
Here's what I think:

1d4 Flying spy drones DMG 2 DEF 1xN DIF 5 Special Self destruct (ALL) DMG 3 DIF 4

-they cause 2 damage, have 1x(number of them or of players), you fail if roll less than 5. Self destruct is a 'move', causing 3 damage, and you roll the standard way to avoid it (4+ to not fail)

Am I too far off?

Always a nice work! Here follows some minor typos:
-(front page) “You have no other hope that than trying to disable..."
-(front page) "Someone will be The Winter, while the rest will be The Soldiers The Survivors."

No problem!
Hmm, I see. I must've misread the rules ^^'

I mean tables with more options! IThe city itself is big enough but the GM tables could give more options

If this get's more attention, please make the Abyss tables bigger! please!

Hi there! Enjoying the reading a lot. Some pointers:
-'If The Red City has not been saved by the end of the Twelfth Expedition, it permanently succumbs' How can we do that if there 13 edifications to be purged?
-If you tweak the dice results a little, I guess you could call it Forged in the Dark.

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Seems light and fun. I'll give it a try!
Suggestion: unless you want the ballroom and screwdriver being sorted too often, the 2d6 tables would work better as 2 columns of 6 items (one dice says the line, the other indicates the column)

Nice as always!
Just so you  know, little typo:
-pg 27, 7 Crow Woods: 'Mable Marble'

"Liking the comment furiously'

Great work! Here are a few typos:

  • room 5, 2nd line 'and has the place if filled'
  • room 10, 5th line, 'meney money'

Loved your take on the system!
2 cents of feedback here:
-I think the art inside is a lot more appealing than the cover. Are you really committed to the cover as is?
-page 14 > you use doom level and darkness level
-page 18 >  greed  great deeds

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Thanks, mate! I'll fix it right away!


Glad to hear it! (the you loving part)
Fixed the layout! Don't know why it happened though o.0

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Thanks for the feedback! There are some improvements down the road ;)

Glad you're enjoyed! More is on the way.  Outlaw is already out!
I'm planning on something around 5 18XX games. All historically related to the 1800s. 

Thanks alot for the revision notes. I'll release and update on it later today

Answering your questions: 
-Ring masteries, traits are llike abilities your character have. It can can be as magic as you want. Maybe i'll change the wording...
                       -It can be related to you. Ex; Air, speed trait (disappearing dash, kick air), Earth, defensive trait (stony skin, closed body)
                       -It can be a sword technique  Ex: Fire, ofensive trait (blinding iaijutsu, heated blade)
                       -It is really loose Ex: Water, resourceful trait (ice master key, water whip)
-Armors, that was a mistake. I'll fix and expand on the definition. Summary: price increases with area covered.