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I'm glad you and your family had a great time playing! Thank you for sharing! A villainous cat's iceberg-cutting laser and a casino island?! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! 

The game can support 3-5 players and the average game time (going through 4 seasons) is roughly 2-3 hours depending on your group's desire to explore squirrely politics. 

These are the playbooks, you can find a blank character sheet at BitD's downloads page:

Thank you so much for the kind review!

Thank for the very kind review! Sorry it took so long to respond back to this, I initially went for the freeform prompts as a way for the players to have opportunities to be emotional vulnerable if they so wished and allow them to determine what they wanted to share that was comfortable to them. I really love the idea you had for turning the game to tell ghost stories, and now I have ideas spinning in my head. Thank you again! 

Thank you for the review and I'll address the issue for more safety tools in a later update. Our original playtest group was small, so it will be addressed for groups larger than 6, especially for set up. For revealing traits, it doesn't cancel the Haunt card but someone else has to pull blocks in their place instead. The contradiction in page 1 and 16 was from an older edit, so it was meant to state that everyone gets their final moments (or moment of internal dialogue). The same issue arose from page 1 and 18, the 'happy' ending would have been survival in that case. I'm glad that my intent for a tense and terrifying story came through despite some inconsistencies. 

5-Star Review

Poutine is a great storytelling game about the people who live in a small town. In fact, think back to any tv show that centers on a diner or even the stereotypical diner movie trope, this game embodies it and highlights those moments. The storytelling was a great exercise in worldbuilding and when we played this game back around 2016, a few people were starting to see the larger appeal of narrative games. This was such a great gateway game for them. Thank you Kinematic Cafe for coming up with such a fun and fulfilling game. 

I'm glad you found the game fun and thank you so much for all the feedback! I deeply appreciate it. 

If multiple agents attempt the same risky action but in different ways, yes you can use different stats for sure! 

Hi there! Let me do my best to answer your questions: 

1. Yes, the face cards are removed from the deck. In hindsight, the unused face cards should be reshuffled back into the deck. When I tested the game originally, we did not add them back in but they certainly work better for the math and gameplay.

2. Yes, you count the value of your Secret Agenda card, which means you should always have at least a score of 10. 

3. After P's turn and if P did not go bust and if at least one agent beats P, then it's a successful action. If the other players go bust, it does not affect the results unless a player wagered a Lucky Coin as well. 

4.  The bust affects an outcome only if a Lucky Coin was wagered when determining results. If no Lucky Coin was wagered, then the Bust is ignored when referring to the Results table. 

5. Yes, the wager still works and the agent keeps their coin.  

Sure thing! Let me add a few titles to the roster!

Thank you for the kind words! I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear about the terror and fun, especially the headlines you all come up with! 

Thank you! Hope you enjoy it! 

Thank you! It was a real pleasure making the game and creating the recipes to go along with it.