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There is a new build online. Missing DLLs, which actually shouldn't be a thing to do, are now a thing of the past! Hooray!

Hi rewind22x, thank you for mentioning! We missed to include the file.

Here is the Hotfix: https://www.dropbox.com/s/938eq4c7chhvtaa/UnityPlayer.zip?dl=0

To make the game run, please extract the zip file including the unityplayer.dll into the game directory.

Btw. Once you get into the armwrestling scene there is an automated sequence going on since the voice controls don't work yet.

We asked for an extension of the deadline, hope we get that granted so we can implement the working controls.

cool, go for it!

Cheers, thank you mate!

I guess it is just writing a mail to support@itch.io


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I tried the contact button, but their answer was that the owner should contact them for an admin to check before it gets listed.

First Sketch for the Hunters

The plan is to make a first person Sneak 'Em Up with InstantDeath and a gameworld growing in hostility.

Think of Zombi meets Beyond Good And Evil.

Hey Snapp,

a listing here would be a good start to get more attention!

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some inspiration:

8 Layers of Hell

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Found this Gamejam on http://www.indiegamejams.com/

can't see it listed here https://itch.io/jams

Is there a minimum of participants needed for it to be shown.. OR IS THIS A CONSPIRACY??? :P :P

So many possibilities for interesting game ideas!