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"Hunter" -by MagicPumpkin

A topic by MagicPumpkin created Aug 04, 2016 Views: 150 Replies: 3
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Hi everyone!

First game jam in a while, I'm so excited!

I decided to also enter August's #1GameAMonth and the 8th96hjamwithrules for extra inspiration o/ So in addition to the dystopia theme, I chose:

August16 #1GAM: "LEVELUP" *full prompt here: https://soundcloud.com/1gam/1gam-keynote-levelup*

8th96hjamwithrules: theme: "Hunt", extra optional rules: "things are not what they seem", "use revolution to succeed" and "weapons aren't allowed"

Personal challenge: create a fully original fantasy world for the game

This should get me going even though I am soloing this! :D

"Hunter" is going to be a survival RPG with a scenario (no procedurally generated randomness) that takes place in a dystopian world where an utopia collapsed to give birth to a doomed dark world where savage mutant beasts force humans to survive in small fortified cities, hardly able to grow any food. 100 years ago, shady doctors discovered a way to give special powers to teens going through puberty, at the cost of their personality. Those who survive the treatment are the Hunters, the only ones able to face the beasts and counterbalance their ever growing number.

You are a newly transformed hunter. You barely remember anything about your previous life, and everyone seems to be scared of you. An officer told you you've got to hunt if you want to be able to sleep safely in the city. "We don' want no useless mouth to feed here!" --he said.

...or something like that, if you'll excuse my poor english skills. (feel warmly welcome to correct me if I am being grammatically incorrect anywhere)

So the hero you are will be able to travel in the wild, trying to kill a beast here and there (they're incredibly hard to kill, even for you) gather enough food to survive and not be kicked out of town where famine already roams. Will you eventually find out how to fight the beast invasion? Will you be able to defend what's left of humanity? Or will you not contain your nerves flayed by the transformation?

I will use a 24 color palette, probably a lot of green-rich greys and small sprites so that the amount of work needed for art is not too overwhelming.

I will use the LOVE2D lua game engine.

Please don't hesitate to tell me what you think! :DD

Cheers && glhf!!!

Oh, and I made a crappy mockup to judge the size of the sprites I need:


After a first graphicsless prototype, a new mockup:


PS: Where is everyone?


cool, go for it!