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There are people out in the world who are either facing horrible situations or preparing for them. Nuclear war. Alien invasions. Dictatorships. As a game developer, it is your job to create a game that realistically represents a dystopian or post-apocalyptic scenario that the player must try to survive in, maybe even go as far as to fight against the scenario itself. You have a few months to do so, after which a month-long period of voting will commence. Your game will be judged based on multiple criteria.

Please note that there are no rewards for this jam - this is just for fun.

Do the world proud. Destroy it and let others try to survive it, so when it is destroyed for real they are ready

Submission Voting Criteria

  • Quality of Gameplay (are the gameplay mechanics well-designed?)
  • Gameplay Relevance to Scenario (do the gameplay mechanics work well with the scenario?)
  • Genre Relevance to Scenario (does the genre and the scenario fit well?) (Genre = First Person Shooter, Role Playing Game, Real Time Strategy, etc.)
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