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Oops. Will def look into it. 

Madoka + bloodborne = (O_O) 

Thanks. I may expand it, if enough people are interested. 

Update on game.

Press E to turn off effects if experiencing slowdown.  

Hey. I put in a quick fix to it. Press E to turn off effects if experiencing slowdown. Hopefully this will help. 

Yeah. I'll look into it

Thanks! Part of the game came from and what if fan story I ponder over ever since the movie.  


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Here is Miki the magical girl of Birth by Magic!

Thank you! \(^0^)/


Would this work?

More lets play of Miracle Mia!

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Here the first part of Ninja Dan Let play of Miracle Mia.

Thank you for playing!

Did you found the Hard Mode?

Thank  you! I love working on those two!

Clickteam Fusion

Thank you!

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In celebration of the beginning of winter here is the small holiday themed level of Miracle Mia!

On a long and snowy night, an unfortunate incident befell Santa’s sleigh. A grumpy snowman, who is fed up with the holidays, has thrown a giant snowball at the sleigh causing it to crash and scattering all the presents throughout his woods. Two sisters witnessing this awful transgression seek the aid of the Winter Deer, a mystical being of joy and wonder, who is eagerly willing to help the sisters seek the fallen presents and restore Santa’s sleigh before the night ends.     

Please check it out!



Note. Bug fix, and game update 9/9/15

Very Good! It got me playing for a while. Really engaging.

Grain, or maybe a clover?

An Excellent Game. I really was take in by this world and it story. The choice I made felt like my own. Well done.

Powerful... Very Powerful.


The exe will not harm any compute. However it is still an unknown file so antivirus will still mark it. Still look in on how to fix this.