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Hey. I am very sorry about the trouble the web version is causing. I have update a more compressed version of the game for both web and Linux. However, my prime compute is windows base and I am not sure if this Linux version will turn out.  

Cool. Hey, could you send me a screen shot of the title screen where the game freezes?

I upload the awesome con build witch was optimized a bit better. Hope this will work better!

Yeah. The full version is too much for browser. The download version may hold a better outcome.


Nice bullet-hell feel to this one. Interesting that you don't have a shoot button, even if you would just hold it down all the time. But, it dose incentivize you to keep on your toes at all time.    

Very fun! I really like trying to figure out where to go next with the rotating world! Keep this game up it can turn into a real something if you want it to!

Nope, it a new Indie game. And gameplay wise it is like muse dash mix with one figure death punch if you hear of that one. Love the aesthetic!

Just after get the cat climb. Was climbing and I think I cat dash. After that she started to float up. Was able to move a bit and Cat Dash would fix it. But then I attack in mid air and got stuck in the ceiling. Hope this helps.

Very Fun! I killed the big spider and got the cat climb. But after that it bug out and my character began to float in the air. Had fun tho! Keep it up!

Actually all this info is great! I want to smooth out as much a possible and info of the tiny detail helps. 

Thx. Going to do a lot of readjustments to make it smoother for the full version. Lot of the focus was sculpting out the foundation to see how the game would take shape. 

Just keep at it and keep building new things!

Crazy. I'll take a look and see what I can do. It could be a cool speed run glitch tho. 

Thank you! I am working on the game as of this moment. Be on the look out for the health and attack upgrades! They will help you get the edge over the demons.

Yo I took what I learn from Birth by Magic and made this. 

Yo thanks for telling me about the jam. Here are the fruit of my labor

Thank you very much! It was draining by the end of the jam but I do wish to continue to make this game a full fill game. I defintally agree with adding in a map feature that she can get in the game. I am trying to tight up the combat so that the heavy attack is a more viable option. Thanks for playing! 

Cool! Take your time with this one tho. It may be a demo but there a lot to do. 3 bosses and a hidden hard boss too~

Oh and if you thought the red knight are bad. Def watch out for the Yellow Knights they got pikes!

Love the charm and characters design in this one. Also pretty cute voice acting as well. They are a lot of bug however and I feel the tile background is a bit too much on the eyes. I don't quite understand The whole changing from Magical to Normal as I when through the whole game without understand why it there. The Ball ricochet mechanic is neat but with all the bug it far from it best. But, I do really like the charm of the girls, the mascot, and the story! 

Thank you. Going to make sure to get those little lips on the ground and give the jump more improvement. The combat will be a bit tighten and hopefully the combat will go smoother and easier player in to the difficulty.   

Thanks. Update the game. Framerate a bit improve. Will get the graphic setting in!

Add a download version. That should run better than the browser version.

Yo. I got a download version ready in case the browser version ain't doing it. The game is pretty big and I when out with the effects. I'll see if I can give the option to turn them off for the browser version.   

Cool thank! I'll see if I can turn off the effect to improve the framerate. Very big game

Thank you. I am currently working on another game for the second Magical Girl Jam. But, I'll think about expanding on this game later. 

Cool! Can you give me a link?

Oops. Will def look into it.