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Thanks!  I think our scope was pretty good except we had to have pathfinding which I spent most of the project debugging.  Stuff like mechanics and goals and playability fell by the wayside unfortunately

you pretty much got the whole experience.   i literally added the keys and locked door mechanics in the last 30 minutes and didn't have time to double check that all of the rooms had valid exits :P thanks for playing

very clever!

also only

A lot of polish is definitely in order.  I decided to write my own physics and while I don't regret it, it left me scrambling when it came time to do silly stuff like make the level and add/debug sounds.  Thanks for playing!

I had the same experience of loving the idea and being disappointed with the outcome.  I am not an experienced action game programmer and lost most of Saturday to Mecanim BS.  I think I'll be able to realize our vision better next time!