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You're welcome! Glad you had a good time playing the game and happy birthday!

Thanks! My goal is to make game systems that are simpler to use and make people's ttrpg experiences more fun.

As to your questions: The Quidditch rules are about narrating an exciting game of Quidditch at the table, not about playing a fair match between teams. (The game as written in the books is inherently nonsensical & unfair, right? A goal scores 10 points but the team that catches the one ball at the end gets 150 points? Ridiculous!) So keep that in mind.

Having a set number of rounds before you announce the Snitch is what I usually do. I'd suggest 2-3 rounds (where every player at the table has gotten a chance to roll during the match). But pay attention to your players! If they're having a blast describing all the cool plays & broom tricks they're doing, go for more rounds. If they're struggling to come up with new ways to describe getting the ball into the goal, introduce the Snitch earlier so you can move on to a more engaging part of the game.

Also note: Getting the Snitch requires a 10+, so it's statistically less likely to happen on the 1st try, which gives the opposing team a chance to steal. And the rules are written to allow player characters to be on opposing teams, for a player character team & a narrator-controlled team to face off, or even for all player characters to be observers who aren't on either participating team.

Hope that helps!

Happy to help! Hogwarts isn't a fighting game (though obviously fights will occur, just like in the books & movies). If you're interested in how PbtA deals with fights, I'd recommend looking at Dungeon World or Monster of the Week

Good questions!

  1. Stand in the face of danger is about choosing whether to attack or defend against a threat. So if you pick the 1st 10+ option ("Stand firm and nobody gets hurt"), you can defend yourself and others, but you won't necessarily lash out against the threat. This is useful if you want to take a nonviolent course of action, or if you need to protect someone else. If you choose the 2nd 10+ option ("You aren't hurt, and you hurt the threat right back"), you're deciding to respond to a threat with aggression, and you may not be able to protect others (even if you're okay).
  2. Learning a spell is supposed to be fairly easy, but it still requires a character to find the information in-game. You need to locate the correct book, seek out an instructor, etc. The advancement option handwaves this process and allows you to know the spell immediately. The luck point option allows you to, in an emergency, attempt a spell you haven't learned at all. Of course, if you want to play a character who hauls around forty textbooks around at all times and stops the action to spend 15-30 minutes reading a book to learn a new spell, there's nothing in the game rules that says you can't.
  3. Yes, "Offer them 1 Experience to stop what they're doing" is just between player characters. So it's a negotiation between players, and they're free to work out what that looks like narratively between themselves.

Hope that helps!

I don't think there's anything on the marketplace, but a player was kind enough to put together this DYI guide for creating your own Hogwarts Roll20 character sheets:

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The Italian translation of the game includes a map on page 20, if that helps:

Hi Alexander! Thanks for your interest. This game is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License, so you're welcome to create any derivative projects you'd like (translations, hacks, etc), no permission necessary. The only requirements are attribution and that your project also be 100% non-commercial.

Looks like there's already a Russian translation (thanks, Marrsho!) but you're free to create your own!

Hm, I've never playtested it as a solo game (and to be honest I don't know enough about solo-play RPG design to say whether it would work or not, or if it needs additional rules & systems). But you're certainly welcome to attempt it, or attempt to modify it! I imagine best practices for Powered by the Apocalypse solo play will apply (whatever those may be). I know for sure you can successfully play this game with two players – 1 Narrator (GM) & 1 Student (PC). Hope that helps!

Hi there & thanks! Advances can be taken at any time during play, as soon as a player fills their 4th Experience slot. No need to wait for the end of the session to clear Experience, take an advance, and start marking Experience again.

Glad you like the game! This is a free fan project, so it only exists as a PDF download. The game will never be available for sale (digital, physical, or otherwise). But thanks for your interest & enthusiasm!

Amazing! Glad I could help :)

That's fantastic! Thanks so much for putting this together – I'll include a link on the game page above. Really glad that everyone is making such good use of the CC license

Amazing! Thanks so much for doing this – I'll add it to the game downloads

Thanks so much!

I'd love to take a look at what you've put together! There are a few Italian translation projects in progress, though I'm not sure of their current status. Feel free to email me at Glad to hear you've enjoyed the game! 

The Narrator Reference Sheet and Narrator Notes Sheet are pages 7 and 8 in the Full Game PDF. Hope that helps!

Hi there! I'm not familiar will rolegate... You'll have to talk to whoever set the game up over there. Hope you're able to play & enjoy the game!

Yes please! Just replied to your email

Hey there! "Hurt" is literal, but it's literally what happens to the characters in the story.

Let's say you have a witch facing down a Dementor and she casts a Patronus charm. She rolls to stand in the face of danger, gets a 7-9, and picks "you hurt the threat, but it hurts you as well". The important thing is to narrate the Dementor closing in, then reeling back from the light of her Patronus ("you hurt the threat") as she collapses to the floor ("it hurts you as well"). Then, as the Narrator, you might describe her shaking in terror & give the Scared Condition, or passing out from the attack & give the Unconscious Condition.

So yes, generally, getting "hurt" means that the Narrator will make the Narrator Move "Give them a Condition". But it's important that the Condition only occurs because the character got hurt in the story.

Hope that helps!

Thanks so much! There are actually a few folks starting a full German translation now, but I'm happy to send you design files for your own translation. Email me here

I don't have much experience with Roll20, but if it was something I could do for free I would consider it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Whoops, sorry! I thought you'd made the link public after you emailed me

An official fillable PDF is in the works! Expect something next month or so

Thanks so much! That sounds cool – feel free to email me here

Thanks! Here's a blank version of the texture:

The game works great over Discord, and in different time periods! I've previously run a HWRPG Discord game set during the 1st World War. (You can also connect with other gamers over Discord on the special server I set up for my Patreon patrons)

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Sounds cool! I can't seem to access it, however

This is great! Thanks so much for taking the time to put this resource together!

It's definitely outside the scope of this game, but feel free to hack it & see what you can do! There's a lot of Wizarding World out there to explore, and Hogwarts only focuses on one specific part of it. Let me know how it goes if you mod the game

Thanks for bringing this to my attention – which link are you trying to access? The normal download links on this page seem to be working

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. I tried to simplify as much as possible, so you're correct about things being left out. Feel free to hack the game and add in things like additional spells or wand types – neither of those would "break" the system

Sounds cool! I'd be down to chat about your project. Send me an email here

That’s great! Keep in mind that the sheets will change a bit as I continue to update the game. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. Hope your Discord game goes well – I’d love to hear about it!