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Wow so much love,  thanks a lot. Among everyone we're really happy that you enjoyed our game. Moover is really a game that brang a lot of fun (Estelle played was actually laughing while playing it). 

Thanks for the comment! Everything you're pointing out is completely true: collecting the resources should take way less time and we never had the time to make the music :/. I'm really happy you enjoyed the game. 

Oh wow.

So 1) A very big GG for making it this far... Because I didn't haha. When I finished the level design I was so late in the schedule and I was pretty sure it was practically undoable. Thanks again, I'm really happy to hear someone made it to the end. 

And 2) I'm really not surprised of the bug you mention because we implemented this ending screen at the very last minute (rookie mistake) like just before uploading the game. 

But then again thanks a lot. Knowing that someone played our game that long and could had some fun on it means a lot to me. 

Hey thanks for the review! 

Yeah you're absolutely right this gathering time is way too long. I'm really happy you played that long and had fun on our game. 

When you say second ending, do you mean you actually had the ending screen twice? It should be something saying "Thanks for playing...". Because if you mean the second dialog with the Alien, it's not the end of the game. 

But anyway, if you reached that point it means you succeeded to send an already complex signal, GG!

Amazing game, I stopped after 3 retries of the boss fight because I'm a reaaaaaally bad player (I tend to stay max 5 minutes on crypt of the necrodancer). Gorgeous art, excellent music and polished Gameplay. A huge congrats to the whole team.

Thanks for the kind words. It's been a while I wanted to do AI on Love, now it's a good opportunity to do it. 

Thanks :). Yes we definitely wanted to add the upgrade too.

Fun idea, I like the slow motion effect. As @Sir_Silver said it crashes at the beginning. I found out you can't play on the keyboard if you don't have at least one joystick connected. So I played with my PS4 controller.