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David López

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El mejor juego de la jam. Enhorabuena ☺️

Muy buen diseño y precioso a nivel artistico! Enhorabuena

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De los mejores juegos que he probado en la Jam. Muy original. Una pena no tener versión en webgl para evitar tener que bajarlo. 

I made a circular plane in Blender with a hole in the center. I am moving the plane and when objects enter the hole, the unity physics gravity does the rest! It is a very simple/fast system and have a many errors but it is funny and it works! 

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Hi guy! I have used Unity Panel Canvas and i animated it with scale tween (standard linear function)

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I hate terror games and this is very scary from the start. Art is amazing and the sound is so wonderful. I didn't to play it much (because I can't), but the game is incredible. Congratulations.

I don't know what I'm doing, but I love it. A different and original game. I've looking at the screen all time until i finished. I don't know if it has more than one ending, in my ending things don't end well. Congratulations to all, “The entity is awakening!”

 I loved the game. The art is so beautiful and the details like the camera shake and the transition in the death of the character are great for the game. And the sounds are amazing! The only negative details are the game colliders, since you can go through the black zone without problem. But very good game, congratulations!

David Lopez

Sabado y Domingo


Oh pues de lujo entonces! hare algo mezclado y lo subire en ambas! 

Island Jam VI community · Created a new topic Ludum Dare?

Hola, mi idea era participar en la Jam pero coincide con la Ludum Dare. ¿Eso es queriendo? Me refiero a si es una especie de sede para la Ludum o es algo diferente.

This game is the best local multiplayer of In our office (also of video games) we have accumulated more than 5 hours playing while we make builds. Congratulations, please upload more games. Do you have social networks to follow your activity?