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Thanks for support :)

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Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words and for using my music in your mini-games. I'm delighted to hear that you find the music catchy and enjoyable. Your support means a lot :)

:D thanks!

Thank you for using my music in your project! I'm glad to hear that it's a good fit. Mixing tracks to suit your project's needs is absolutely fine. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask. Best of luck with your project!

Thank you so much for using  my music in your game's trailer and demo! I'm thrilled to hear that it fits well and helps convey the desired atmosphere. Best of luck with your game on Steam! 🚀🎮

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Thank you for your suggestion! I can certainly provide non-vocal/instrumental versions of each track. I'll consider the possibility of offering these new tracks with other price and let you know once I've made a decision. Your feedback is much appreciated!

Thank you so much for your kind words and support! I'm thrilled to hear that my music has found a place in your game, and I'm looking forward to checking it out soon. Your feedback means a lot, and I appreciate you crediting the music. Best of luck with the demo release on Steam, and I hope your players continue to enjoy the music. Thanks again!

Yes, I think it is a good idea. :)

Oh, in another level I climbed to the door by using the arrow; I didn't know that was a rope I could climb. :)

Thanks! :)

Thank you so much!

I've tried your game and really enjoyed it. However, I noticed a small issue. In one level, if you don't have the sword or bow, you can't complete it (left requires a bow, right requires a sword). Just a heads-up! Keep up the great work!


La idea inicial era que hubiese más más obstáculos de hielo y no sólo el cofre, pero no me dio tiempo

Sí, ya que si no no le encontraba demasiado sentido a ponerle score :)

Estaría guay portarlo a mega drive y creo que no sería demasiado complicado :)

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Me imagino que te retrotraerá por el sonido fm, realmente lo hice pensando  en mega drive aunque no quise emular nada en concreto con el sonido :)

Gracias por jugar :)

Gracias, me alegro de que te haya gustado :D

Muy guay :D felicidades

Pues es verdad jajaja, que despiste :)
Jugué a otro juego y puse aquí el comentario sin querer, ahora ya he jugado tu juego, me gusta especialmente el ambiente que has conseguido

No he conseguido subir a la primera plataforma con el muñeco pequeño :(

Complicado pero entretenido, he conseguido completarlo jejeje :D

Me ha gustado que la música fuese fm :)

No soy capaz de subir con el pequeño a la primera plataforma xD :\

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Acabo de fijarme que estaba dando un error de cors en los ranking pero solo para POST :S

bueno ya está arreglado :D

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EYY, hola Mike :) me alegro de que te guste, me lo pasé muy bien haciéndolo :)

That's great to hear! Music has a way of transcending genres and appealing to different tastes. It's always interesting when something outside of our usual preferences catches our attention. I'm glad you enjoy the metal elements in this pack despite not typically liking the genre. It just goes to show the power of music to surprise and resonate with us in unexpected ways. :)

In all my packs, I include a zip file with all the content in .wav format (being the only paid file). I'm not sure why it wasn't done that way in this pack, I suppose I forgot to do it. Thank you for letting me know.

Yes, no problem, go ahead with those modifications!

If you need them to be in the best possible quality, we can talk it further and I'll provide you with the songs with the requested modifications.

No, credits are necessary. By purchasing the pack, you will receive the .wav files in addition to the exclusive tracks included in the paid version (a total of 17 tracks) and permission to use all the tracks in commercial projects. Credits are what interest me the most as other developers may come to know me through them.

Thank you for your interest.

aupa ahi Lois! :D, me alegro de que te haya sido útil.

Gracias por el apoyo, saludos!

Thanks for the feedback!

Have a nice day :)

Thank you for the suggestion :)

However, I won't be creating multiple volumes as it would bring back the same issue I currently have. I want to keep what I create for game jams separate from the packs I make with more time and quality. In my profile, there is already a very long list of packs, and there is no easy way to distinguish the jam packs. I don't want someone to access them without being warned that the quality in these cases is not the best.

I think I could name it a "Bundle" instead of "Pack" to differentiate it.

Yes of course, thanks for create this topic

I fully support this suggestion and believe that implementing them would greatly enhance the user experience on the platform.

Thank you for your suggestion! I appreciate your feedback. I have taken your advice and updated the asset packs to include the license information in the metadata. I'm grateful for your input and support.

Have a nice day! :D

Hello, thank you for the information. I believe that the CC BY 4.0 license suits perfectly. In the coming days, I will update the description of the assets accordingly. Have a great day!

I believe that the "CC-By-ND" license fully suits my needs: anyone can use the music in their project, but modifications to the music are not allowed.

However, I am uncertain if real-time changes to volume, pitch, or speed would be compatible with the license.

It is likely that I will need to draft a custom license inspired by "By-ND" but allowing these modifications, although I am not certain.

You can consider that I am using the CC-By license as long as you don't need to make permanent changes to the audios.

I'm not sure if CC BY 4.0 fully meets my needs, but it's something I need to study further.

My only requirement is that the credits of the game acknowledge me as the author of the music.

But I'm not sure if CC BY fully meets my needs, it's something I have to study.

Hi! The music in the "Cosmic Journey" pack can be used by anyone in their games, with the requirement of including credit to the composer, DavidKBD.

Have a nice day

Nice :)

Yes of course!

Have a nice day :)

Jeje, gracias :)

Thanks! I'm glad you like it :D

Have a nice day!