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I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it to work on games.  I thought I'd start with the Wolfenstein 3D game to try it out, but I'm not sure where to start.  The only google search results seem to talk about Steam VR and the Windows Store for Mixed Reality.

But seeing as that Wolfenstein 3D game is on, there should be another way but I don't know what it is.

Anyone got any advice?

I forgot to mark the downloads via OS.  They should work now.  :)

That IS weird.  o.o

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I don't have Discord but some of my friends in the furry fandom want me to get it, so I might as well for this project.  I also have Telegram, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

I'm used to using a wide array of tools for development and while I hate having a million communication tools, it's not too much of a pain for me to try new tools.

My email's

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I kind of want a soundtrack similar to Secret Of Mana since mine would be a slasher/magic RPG with more than one person.  It'd only be a few levels long though.

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I did find your email via your website (youtube) and will send you the idea.  And I can work with both 2D and 3D.  

I also sent you some tricks I've picked up on art.  Would love to hear some of yours as well. 

EDIT: I see you already replied.  Never mind.

Can it compile to WebGL on your platform by any chance?  That might help.

Wow, you're REALLY diverse.  Both 2D and me. :D

Also I have an idea for the contest now, but I want to converse with you about different tools.  I do some of my own art (in addition to using some open game art) and wouldn't mind sharing a few shortcuts I've picked up over time.  :)

Unity programming is kind of my thing, but art and UI is not.  Wouldn't mind having some team members.
Don't quite have an idea yet, but are we allowed to team up on this jam?

I recently started a policy with my games (which only applies to two atm)-- if you donate a certain amount, you get a code to obtain benefits.  Right now I manually check the donations and email the code to people who donate enough, but I was wondering if there's a feature to do it automatically.  If that is not a feature, can we add it?I

I can't find the donate button...

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This is really cool, but the controls feel kinda awkward and the sound can be kinda of annoying.

I liked it overall. It reminds me of Descent, only even blockier (but I like retro feel a lot more as an adult)

Let me know if this gets made into a real game, especially if it's shooty like Descent. :

Heck, I'll even pay indie prices for it.

If anyone has any ideas for new elements to put in the levels, please let me know because I've run out of ideas (that's why there's only 5 levels on this first release)