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Don't worry, we're close now- there has been a long delay due to converstions with the publishers, but hopefully we should be able to go ahead soon. So glad you like the work.

if you just download it again, it’s in that file. 

Ahh well spotted! I changed the Rumour Table to be called the World Table late in development, and forgot to change all the references! Arg! Now I'm going to have to fix that. Thank you. But in the meantime whenever it says Rumour, Roll on World.

Thanks so much IKO, I'm flattered. I was thinking about non-linear routes, loops, factions, non-euclidean space etc when writing it, all things that Jennell Jaquays pioneered. 

Updated the map (with a key!), and switched up a few descriptions. Hopefully it’s clearer now. 

Thank you so much Gwyrdh, I'm so glad the game both worked easily and as resonant. It took a lot of research and playtesting to get to this point, so it's gratifying that the effort lead to a more cohesive experience. Your work sounds fascinating, I'd love to hear more, and hear any more about slices of gameplay. Oh and good spot on the spreads issue! I was using that back page to store some unused ideas and didn't realise it had transfered to the pdf, as I must have checked only the "pages" version. I've uploaded a corrected file.

Check out the video from Christian Sorrell! 

can’t wait to get it all ready for you! The art is so close now, and the writing is going through final passes. Thank you! 

Sure thing

Thank you for your question, and picking up Lost Eons! Spend and Use are the same- you sacrifice the specified number of Aspect cards from your hand to perform the Talent. “Risk” is a typo from a playtest that I managed to leave in by mistake. If I have the time to do a new edition I would correct all three terms to Use. I hope that that helps. 

sadly no, but this is the nudge I needed to get it done :) 

hi, thanks for reading! Sorry, Lone Eons is correct in this instance, I decided losing a Talent is just too harsh when I was refining the game for Lone Eons, and forgot to make that correction to the Lost Eons files. I will make that change. Thanks again. 

as if by magic… 

Hi, I’m really sorry I missed this! No idea how that happened. In answer to your question, the cards all work together to create each Location event- 

The first Spade is the location you discover and first Club is the Being you encounter there. Read the remaining Spade and Club as Twists to describe the location. 

So it helps to seperate the suits. Hope that helps. And so sorry for the (very!) delayed response! 

Thanks for playing! Working hard on the KS version as we speak, so I’ll add some clarification into the revised rules. But to answer your question, Supply takes one inventory until it is used. Once it’s used for repair or revealed as another common object, it stops being Supply and becomes that repair or other thing. Supply is the potential of something, like Schrödinger's Cat. The reverse transformation is impossible, BUT a reasonable scrapping of something to repair something else would always be allowed. Say there’s a broken telescope, you could use googles to repair it, or an empty oil drum and a blowtorch could repair some armour. If it works in the fiction, the story you’re telling, it works in the game. Hope that helps. 

thanks for checking the adventure out! I have a complete bestiary ready for this, I just uploaded in a rush and haven’t had a moment to add it- I’ll see if I can do that very soon. In the meantime, Yochai Gal’s bestiary is pretty comprehensive- and is what I have based the bestiary on. 

thanks very much! The text will be updated- The itch version will be updated to the pdf of the spiral bound, and I’ll do a slightly higher tier for the pdf of full-art version, and seperate pdfs for the bundle of adventures. You would get all of them as soon as they’re ready if you back the Kickstarter at any tier except $1. 

Chris McDowall read through ECO MOFOS!! on steam last night! So good to hear his thoughts. Lots to ponder. 

Many thanks for taking the time with the game! The text here is still very much a WIP, so I’ll resolve all those issues before release. I agree about the profanities. They were there at the genesis of the project but now seem largely redundant. I’ll settle on a “voice” throughout. Thanks again. 

Dan and I got to play ECO MOFOS!! with Tony Plus 1 EXPand Colin Le Sueur We played my one-shot adventure A-Hole in the Ground and it was awesome. Thanks so much all of you. I had a blast.

Thanks so much! It was a ridiculous undertaking tbh haha

Hi there, the majority of the dungeon is based on green, but we incorporated some lore and the surrounding area of orange. 

no problem at all! I’ll be sure to clarify further in the rule book! 

ah ok! It’s a new roll, at every point in the Journey, roll for environment and feature. If there’s an exclamation mark, also roll for Hazard, if a question mark, also roll for Loot. 

no problem! I play that you roll when you or the players see it. Like say they’re at a Settlement and there are 3 routes out-  they would know the terrain of each of those routes. And those terrains stay the same all the way to the next Point on the Week scale. If there’s local knowledge, say they’re taking to an NPC, the terrains can be known before they’re reached. I hope that helps! 

hey Vrago, thanks for checking out the game and taking time to read it through. 

I think you’ve perfectly understood the essence of the map system. At Week scale, a map represents major points of interest, divided by a certain number of day’s travel. 

Each of those individual days of travel is represented by other randomly rolled maps, as the player seeks to travel from Entrance to exit through the terrain. 

The maps can even be used at a smaller scale, inside Bunkers and Lairs, to represent different rooms in an underground space. 

Does that help at all? 

Hi, no physical book yet! We’ve finished the document and are waiting for approval from Becky Chambers… so fingers crossed we’ll get the nod soon and we can get a batch printed. Thanks for your interest! 

Thank you so much for your comments and taking the time with the game! Feel free to add a rating if you haven’t already. I think a more cofefied solo module would be great. I may well make one, using the Wretched and Alone template I used for Babel. Glad you’ve heard of Lost Eons! 

Our game pitch on Dieku! 

Ah ok, that’s great to hear!

oh thank you so much for your support and interest! That’s very strange. Is the whole of Kickstarter blocked for you. Try this one-

Nice read through of an early version of the game by Lone Adventurer!

This template is so clean and elegant. I thoroughly recommend to any aspiring designers. 

Follow the Kickstarter!

Sure, there you go. Please do leave a review if you claim one. 

I’ll put a plaintext version of ECO MOFOS!! on my todo list! 

thanks so much! 

ah cool, that’s a great idea actually! I’ve seen Cairn has that option for POD

this is just so cool :)

hey everyone, thanks again for being a part of this jam. Everything that I’ve seen so far has been incredible. Just wanted to say that if you’d like to discuss what you’re working on, or just show off a bit, Iko from The Lost Bay has generously offered us a space -

That link should work, otherwise contact me on Twitter @davidblandyrpgs and I’ll get you a link. 

See you there!