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oh wow! Ok, I’ll make a pages version too. Silly me :) 

OK- uploaded a version, hope that works well for you!

ah yes! I suppose I didn’t think anyone would do that, but I can add a “cover” to make it print friendlier. 

Hi Chris, thanks so much for opening this up. Here's a system (with a unique sample procedural dungeon system) that Laurie O'Connel and I put together. It's a mashup of BitD and 24XX.

You’ve got it! The full combat rules will be in the full game, but here you go- All creatures attack as a pack, so no matter how many there are they retaliate after every player turn. To dodge their attack you have to match their Difficulty. Defense is like a pack HP, so if there are 3 of them, the pack has 3 DEF. If a player does a crit, doing 2 damage, they manage to destroy 2 at once. The Special is an attack the pack can do once per round (a round is over when every player has attacked and every attack has been retaliated). Specials sometimes effect all players at once, rather than one (marked ALL), or have special conditions. I hope that helps! 

thanks for reading it through!

This is a dazzling work of staggering genius, full of ideas for a fun ttrpg time, yet consistent and open. Everyone should play it. 5 star. 

Brilliant! Sorry, I should have checked the list.

Great work! Yes, I basically came to ask this- how about icons for polyhedrals, even if you don't have all numbers included?

Thanks Kumada!

Thank you so much, Kumada, for taking so much time with the book and your insights! Plenty of food for thought as we refine into Second edition. 

A subtle and well considered combination of 24XX and OS D&D concepts to create a rich and varied character creation and advancement. My favourite 24XX hack so far, and actually far more than that, it feels like a system that could withstand decent length campaigns. Really looking forward to running sessions with my group. 

So Good! Thank you.