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THANK YOU FOR THE GAMEPLAY! Im glad you like it. But this is not the first episode, this is only the training missions, you can download the full episode at:

A Japanese developer of nuclear weapons (of course he is not Kojima) has arrived on the small island of Cuba, his intention: to start a nuclear conflict. Only Valero Montenegro will be able to avoid it. Will Montenegro murder the developer in cold blood?

Play this exciting stealth action game inspired by Hideo Kojima's classic game, Metal Gear Solid (But it's not a metal gear solid, it just looks like it)


Thank you, remember try my others games too!

Hello everyone, I want to announce the release of "Hundred Fires: the rising of red star", a new game in the "Hundred Fires" saga that hit it on android. Now exclusively on the first episode of a new adventure.

Hundred fires is a spy and action game with a fantastic plot full of bizarre moments with a great resemblance to the famous game Metal gear solid.

Hundred Fires first appeared on android in 2014, after the censorship that Konami did to the fan-game "Metal Gear Solid: Outer Heaven", which had more than a million downloads. Now Hundred Fires is back in a new adventure for PC.

Better graphics, more actions, better cinematics and more bizarre moments. You can download the game at the following link:

Have you never played an infiltration and spy game? don't worry, try the free training in these virtual missions.


Hola a todo el mundo, quiero anunciar la publicacion de "Hundred Fires: the rising of red star", un nuevo juego de la saga "Hundred Fires" que lo petó en android. Ahora en exclusiva en el primer episodio de una nueva aventura.

Hundred fires es un juego de espionaje y accion con una fantastica trama llena de momentos bizarros con un gran parecido al famoso juego Metal gear solid.

Hundred Fires aparecio por primera vez en android en 2014, despues de la censura que konami hizo al fan-juego "Metal Gear Solid: Outer Heaven", el cual tubo mas de un millon de descargas. Ahora Hundred Fires a vuelto en una nueva aventura para PC.

Mejores graficos, mas acciones, mejores cinematicas y momentos mas bizarros. Puedes descargar el juego en el siguiente enlace:

¿Nunca has jugado a un juego de infiltracion y espionaje? no te preocupes, prueba el entrenamiento gratuito en estas misiones virtuales.

Thank for your gameplay! Awsome

Roller Katz: BF Episode 1 is now available!

Skate, jump, shoot and destroy!

Welcome to Clean City, a futuristic city that lives under the threat of Sergeant Rocco. 

Our protagonist is Diana Katz, a child prodigy who invented a robot with unique qualities. Kiara is a robot capable of jumping, skating, rolling, and destroying everything in her path. With these abilities she will keep the peace safe in Clean City.

Roller Katz gameplay mixes the genre of platforms with high speed, skating and different gadgets with which to defeat your enemies.

The long levels have multiple paths full of surprises, places to skate, bars over which to grind, rivers to jump over, etc. All this accompanied by enemies who will try put an end to the adventures of our partner Kiara.

GAME NOMINATED in the  Playstation Talents Awards 2020  in the categories of Best Art, Most Innovative Game, Playstation Compromise and Best Game of the Year.


  • Skating, grind, jump and do tricks!
  • Fight, use weapons and destroy your enemies.
  • Dynamism, speed and fun.
  • A big world with different paths to explore.
  • -Anime style cinematics.
  • -3D gameplay graphics.

This is the first episode of Roller Katz: BF.

This game has been developed by Naili Studio and directed by David Amado Fernández.



Thank you for your comment, to help you with the second boss I recommend you attack from inside the water and always have a Gatchet close by, because the Gatchet (weapons) also recover your energy and you will be able to carry out the attacks more often.

Thank you very much indeed for your donation. I really appreciate this gesture and I invite you to play my other games as well, I think you will enjoy it and I will keep working and improving. Thank you very very much.

Oh! Thanks for your constructive criticism, I accept the criticism and I will continue to improve it, the issue of controls is not easy in this type of game. I think that if you have taken the time to write such a long review it is because deep down you liked it! :) I invite you to play my other games or even if you want the first full episode is available at a totally ridiculous price.

Thanks for making this Gameplay, your support is very important. I will try in future updates to optimize the game, if it is not indiscretion, could you tell me how powerful your computer is?

Thanks for making this Gameplay, your support is very important to me. :)

i do, thank you so much for your video, and remember try my others games and prototypes, visit my profile in

So funny your video, thank you so much! im glad you enjoy it.  And sorry but now the project is off. but you can try my other games, visit my profile in

me alegro que te guste, trabajo en unity 3d

die by now, sorry

WOOOWW!!! tu proyecto es una autentica maravilla.  Gracias por hacer algo tan alucinante.

3 meses, desde febrero mas o menos

No, actually, I did not even know him, but thanks for inviting me, I'll take a look at the website

Hola Enygmax. Uso 3d Studio Max, para modelar y animar, con bipedo principalmente. Para las texturas suelo utilizar Mudbox, es bastante fácil pintar de este estilo con Mudbox. Y finalmente y como imaginarás el motor que uso es Unity 3d. :)

I have created an Android version in test mode, for personal use, but the control is too difficult in a mobile, and I have decided not to publish it on android