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Oh! Thanks for your constructive criticism, I accept the criticism and I will continue to improve it, the issue of controls is not easy in this type of game. I think that if you have taken the time to write such a long review it is because deep down you liked it! :) I invite you to play my other games or even if you want the first full episode is available at a totally ridiculous price.

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I mean, I haven't decided to not buy it yet. I will admit that when everything works perfectly, the game is spectacular. I forgot to write a section that I originally wanted to - that if you fixed the controls issues, then the game would be definitely worth more than 1€ because when it's fun, it's really fun, and your hard work really shows.

Also I taken the time to write such a long review is because I like a lot about it, but mostly because I think this game has potential to be the next big indie 3D platformer, like A Hat In Time or something, with just a bit more polish. Of course I understand that controls in a platformer are an extremely complex question, and in this case you're making a completely new type of game (there is nothing exactly like it - it's neither entirely Sonic nor Jet Set Radio, even if it takes some inspiration from both - my closest comparison would be 2D Sonic games made 3D), so you can't even simply reuse what others have done before you - you're basically in the same situation as Shigeru Miyamoto when faced with making Super Mario 64, you gotta invent everything from scratch. But I think you can do it.

EDIT: Ah, whatever. Bought it and gave you a tiny tip since again, I think slightly polished version of this game would be worth significantly more than 1€. Even if the controls won't work well, at least I can enjoy the style, and maybe learn something about game design.

I would give a bigger tip but I'm broke, lol, so sorry about that :P


Thank you very much indeed for your donation. I really appreciate this gesture and I invite you to play my other games as well, I think you will enjoy it and I will keep working and improving. Thank you very very much.