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David "Cookie" Fonteix

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That's cute aha :) Nice one!

Just amazing! Really love this one, all is perfect for me. Well done!

An ambitious concept you managed to create in low res! Impressive, and quite fascinating to watch :D

Really nice! I loved Steamworld Dig recently and it's really cool to see this mechanic again in a low res version :) Well done!

Nice graphics! Too bad there's no sound or music, it could have been really great! It's still quite enjoyable and well made :)

Amazing! Love these Undertale battles, graphics and musics. Just top notch!

Nice little game! Quite addictive indeed :) Congrats for this submission ^^

A nice little match 2 game, pretty hard though ^^ Cute graphics too, just lacks a nice music to go with it! Congrats

Great concept! It really lacks just a little music and sounds but overall it's pretty fun :)

Great graphics & audio, original concept (it took me a while to really understand but it was quite fun when I eventually realize ^^). It respect the 64x64 pretty well. Very good entry, GG! (yeah, I pretty much copy/paste my comment from Ludum Dare xD).

I tried to play but the game doesn't seem to launch on my computer :-(

(on Windows 10 - 64 bits)

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I made some progress since last time: I've got a titlescreen, composed the main music and the graphics are a little better. There's also a multiplier that can enable a MAX mode!

I don't think this is a pure 64*64 grid though as there are some rotations, especially the arrow that points out the nearest meteor.. Anyway, I think this will be my last "screenshot" before releasing my entry, I don't have many more features to add from now. I know this is just a minigame compared to most of the entries, but I'm pretty satisfied with it :)

PS : I can't find a way to upscale the game in any resolution I want in Construct 2, it's just fullscreen :/ Does somebody have a solution or it's not a problem to play in fullscreen ?

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It's just my 2nd jam here, I think it is a really interesting one! I don't know if will have time to make lots of features but I hope to do something at least playable and fun ^^

Here's a quick preview of my space/collect entry, in pure 64x64:

Really good stuff from you guys until now! I'm looking forward to play all your games :)

Ok, finally be able to play it :) Finished it in 880 sec and 92 deaths O_o

Firstly, well done for your first jam! I can see you put a lot of work here. There's some effort in level design and the nes aspect (graphics and sound). It's a choice you made and it's consistent!

The game is pretty hard though, I had some difficulty with the character that slides, especially as you ask for some really precise jumps. I never felt totally in control which is really important for a platform game. Nevertheless, it's just a question of tweaks in your movement physics, and maybe players would just be used to it as the game goes on (it's too short here to figure it out).

It also lacks some little background story and music but overall it's a pretty nice game, and with some potential above all! Congrats.

Wow, such a great system you have established! It lacks some stuff like sounds, music, a less grey interface and a clearer tutorial imo. But your board, your little drawings of runes & monsters and your gameplay really are good! I love games like Puzzle Quest or Gyromancer, and I could definitely see some potential here, with some story telling and a worldmap with quests (even linear).

Develop a little more the strategic aspect (with visual strentghs and weaknesses on the board maybe) and you could obtain a nice little Puzzle-RPG :) Well done!

(and sorry if it sounded a little harsh, I speak as if it was a finished game rather than a game jam one)

So hard to rate a game of a jam.. I think the experience is overall pretty good but I'll speak as if it was a finished game :

The first impression is really good because graphics are clear and colorful! Too bad there's no music to boost this impression, I would have rated it 4 stars without hesitation then!

The 1st (and only "real") problem I encountered is "I don't know when I die". Then I understood that the character gradually disappears, but it's still hard to see when we die. Maybe adding a sort of lifebar would be clearer! The other issues are not so problematic: hard to figure out the collision zone of spikes, and sound is saturated when collecting coins in a row.

Otherwise the game is pretty challenging (in a good way!), controls respond well and you put a real effort on dialogs!

In short, it doesn't lack very much to become a great game! Really just musics in my opinion. Well done!

A first brief glimpse of my progress so far:

I just created an account on for this jam. I hope to make something fun!