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David Brehl

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I missed the deadline by about 10 seconds, but here's my entry anyways: Breeze

Anyone else who missed it: add your's too.

Im using Unity, since Im most familiar with it. It's mostly in space, since I don't want my game to look like an asset flip, and want to show a different way of showing life after earth is all but destroyed.

Since you've said that we can use assets we have or found, could I start modeling or scripting a bit early? I dont like using assets from my older games or online sites like others will, so is starting early an option?

I usually work alone, but Ill let you know if I need anything; I probably wont need much.

nevermind, Id never be able to make a good game. Also, the Jam name is a paradox.

Just think about it for too long.

And what if its so good its bad?

Thanks! There was more that I wanted to add, but by the end of the Jam I wanted to throw my computer out the window; This is my first Jam, my first "Completed" Unity project, and the most I've ever worked in a single week.

I tried it on the lowest possible graphics...

Then again I do only have Intel Integrated; Its probably just a me problem.

Nice Graphics! Playing it felt very professional, but had very low frames. Optimization for laptops, please? 


Nice! the score isnt quite centered between "GR" and "VY", but its pretty good other than that.

So, is it just the room with no functionality or am I just being an idiot? What you did is beautiful, and way better than what I did, but is this all? I wanna see more... Its beautiful!

What does this have to do with #RemakeJam?


I work alone which means I have to do everything on my own. Im doing it in 3d, but Im not good at modeling/UVs. Is that a good enough reason to start slightly early?