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Yep, it works. Instance_create_depth caused the problem. Sorry for not replying. 

Thank you for a quick reaction. It would be fantastic if YoYo fixes the bug and  GMLive works as fast as it used to before the update to 2.3. 

Gmlive used to be quite fast until the update to 2.3 . Now it is very slow, even a few calls  if (live_call()) return live_result;   brings a massive drop in fps.  I don't know why it happens, I don't even use structs nor new gml features :( 

Did you have time to look at the example with this error?

I just sent you the file that reproduces this bug. The problem is, I think when you try to use Muffel system in objects that weren't put manually to the room. If the object has some muffel functions and is created by another object, then you will get the error.

Very nice idea, but it is very buggy. For example: when I used this in one object, everything works well, then tried it with another object and got this error:

action number 1
of Create Event
for object o_element:

Unable to find instance for object index -4
 at gml_Script_execute_every_n_frames (line 44) -        inst._interval = n
gml_Script_execute_every_n_frames (line 44)
gml_Script_execute_after_n_frames (line 51) -        inst = execute_every_n_frames(n, callback)
gml_Script_execute_after_n (line 113) -        execute_after_n_frames(interval, callback);
gml_Object_o_element_Create_0 (line 3) -                       execute after 60 frames
gml_Script_instance_create (line 7)
gml_Script_engine_ne (line 120) -                (    0 + _spc + _xplus  +        (i-1)  * ( ( (room_width - _spc*2)  / (_noeol-1)) ) ,
gml_Script_scr_new_task (line 27)
gml_Script_anon_anon_gml_Object_o_program_Create_0_1590_gml_Object_o_program_Create_0_1798_anon_gml_Object_o_program_Create_0_1590_gml_Object_o_program_Create_0 (line 53) -                      scr_new_task();
gml_Object_obj_muffel_Alarm_0 (line 11) -        _my_callback(self);

I used very simple line in event create:

execute after 60 frames

It works, thank you. 

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Hello,  I downloaded gmlive for GMS2 on the YoYo marketplace. It worked well  before upadting to gms2.3 (  I  I was delaying the update ) Today I finally updated and the project doesn't work if gmlive is added. If I remove gmlive it compiles wihout problems. If I added gmlive ( recent version from YoYo  marketplace) the bunch of errors appeared:

Script: gml_node_is_simple at line 15 : malformed assignment
Script: gml_parser_run at line 438 : got 'switch' expected '}'
Script: gml_std_string_hx_trim at line 8 : Assignment operator expected
Script: gml_node_is_simple at line 15 : Assignment operator expected
Script: gml_node_is_simple at line 17 : got 'return' expected '}'
Script: gml_node_equals_list at line 7 : Assignment operator expected
Script: gml_node_equals at line 662 : Assignment operator expected
Script: gml_node_equals at line 664 : got '>=' expected '}'
Script: gml_node_seek_all at line 202 : Assignment operator expected
Script: gml_node_seek_all at line 204 : got 'l_i' expected '}'
Script: gml_parser_run at line 436 : malformed assignment
Script: gml_parser_run at line 1 : Fatal Error while compiling - bailing details below
Script: gml_std_string_hx_trim at line 8 : malformed assignment
Script: gml_std_string_hx_trim at line 1 : Fatal Error while compiling - bailing details below
Script: gml_parser_run at line 436 : Assignment operator expected

I suspected that maybe my version is not adapted to 2.3 but I downladed  it from the marketplace. I got only two options:  "Download for Studio 1.4" and "Download for Studio 2"

so I assumed that  "Download for Studio 2" is for 2.3 .   How can i fix it and launch the project  ? :)



Hello YellowAfterlife,

I have been devoted GMLive user for the last year and a half - mainly for GMS 1.4. I really like the extension, and now it's hard for me to imagine working on GMS without it. Recently I decided to transition to GMS 2 ( at first 2.2 version, I haven't updated to 2.3 yet). The first thing I did was naturally implementing GMLive to the project. I did everything the instruction said, and run the project. And here is the problem:

Game compiles very long. It's an almost empty project. Only one sprite 32x32 pixels, no sounds ,scripts etc. one room ( default size), and one object with 5 lines of code in Draw Event. However, this project compiles at least 30 - 35 seconds. I set the macro variable from #macro live_enabled 1 to #macro live_enabled 0 ( in obj_gmlive Create event) but it didn't help. It also doesn't make a difference if I have gmlive-server.exe launched or not.

At first, I thought that maybe it is not GmLive fault, but GMS2. I deleted GMLive extension from the project and obj_gmlive, and suddenly compiling time is around 5-7 seconds.

I remember that Gmlive didn't make such a difference in compiling time in gms1.4 . Maybe it compiled a slightly longer but the difference was like 10-20% - I didn't even notice.

What bothers me is that it is almost empty project and making a game build is so slow, even with #macro live_enabled 0 and  gmlive-server.exe closed. Do you experience anything similar? Does GmLive just work this way in GMS2 or maybe there is some solution for this? I hope I can do something to fix it and start enjoying GmLive again. 

Kind regards,


Looks nice, would it work with GMS1.4?

Hello, I love this editor especially the fact that with this you can use #region and #endregion for gms1.4 ! It makes working with gms1.4 much easier! Great job. I have only one question. When I use GMS + GMEdit, and I change some code in GMEdit ( and save it), and then I run the project two bad things happen:

1) The game doesn't update the changes I made with GMedit

2) All the changes I made now are gone, because when GM compiles a game it automatically saves it. What is worse, it saves the code from GMS, no from GMEdit.

The only way I can work with GMEdit is this:

1. I write some new code in GMEdit

2. I save it

3. I load again  GM Project (even if it is open)

4. I run it.

 Every time before I compile I need to remember about  loading the project again, because if I forget about it, all the progress is gone. Is it normal, or maybe I missed something when I was setting GMEdit up?

Hello,  yes, probably it was something with a firewall, I changed a few things and it started working :) Thanks!

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Hi guys, First of all - GMLive is great, I have been using it for almost one year and it is one of the best GMS extensions   I've ever used. Recently I bought a new laptop with Windows 10  (before that I used Windows 7), and I have one problem with GMLive. Previously I always opened two files before compiling my game: gmlive-server.exe and netlog.exe. The first  one was to make GMlive working, and the second one was to show me where is a bug  (in case i made one). It was very helpful and I always used both.  Unfortunately, now when I use netlog.exe on Windows 10 - it launches - but there is no feedback, and if I make a mistake in my code, it doesn't tell me where it is. Do you know how to solve this problem?

Kind regads, Dave