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ah. i totally missed this comment, imma note this for the next release.

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  • The plasma gun (The first weapon) will sometimes not fire automatically when it should, which can make it a bit awkward to use at times. This is because it uses the flag +NOAUTOFIRE which is required to make tap fire (clicking quickly to fire quickly) to work, I have tried to fix this issue but to no avail, at one point introducing the most *enigmatic* bug I've encountered. I will try to get it fixed before full release. This is supposedly fixed now!

    nah it ain't, the demo is over when it says thanks for playing and redirects ya to the title screen. you got a fair bit left to play.

    Vidya. Didnt have much problems this time around while recording
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    Gave this a playthrough for about 2 hours, so far it's pretty dang neat. Feels hella well polished too, with the graphics and effects on enemies and weapons and such, and i love the little details like the new intermission, messages for 100%'ing things like items, etc. Fun to play too, good guns with very awesome animations, though I die a lot in this lol (Though I was playing on a generally harder mapset than doom 2), and I think sometimes the lesser enemies, like zombies, feel slightly bullet spongy. 

    A few other notes I made while playing, playing with GZDoom 4.10.0:

    - Menu text, unless highlighted, is really dark and fairly hard to read.

    - I thought there was no pain sound at first, which throws me off, but found out there is a sound. I feel a lot of times I don't even notice I'm being hurt because the hurt sound is like too quiet or something isn't playing at all. I'm a little confused with how it works. Also not fond of the low health alarm sound so I rather not use that.

    - When I run out of ammo for a gun, I frequently switch to the fists despite having ammo for other guns, like the shotguns, which is really annoying. On a similar note, I personally think rocket launcher should come before grenade launcher when pressing 5, but that's just me.

    But yeah, overall I'm hella impressed with this.

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    I was going to say the pk3 itself is already standalone and can run with gzdoom just fine, but I actually forgot the maps were separate from the pk3 itself as MM_Levels.wad (I was updating this so many times in 2021 that I really got tired of importing and exporting the maps wad file over and over), while running both the pk3 and map wad together in gzdoom would still work perfectly fine, I still went ahead and updated the download to have the maps added into the pk3 for convenience. 

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    How so? and not at the moment, I still have a bunch of non-commercial stuff I need to replace before doing that.

    I have an alternative download if it helps any:

    Dropbox (Edit: Updated to 3.2)

    I managed to find a fix so it works with zdoom, lzdoom and gzdoom. Instead of using offsets with sbarinfo, I put offsets on the image itself. 

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    10 years ago, I released a doom mod Unhinged to the world, and now, a sequel has been released in celebration of it's 10th birthday.

    As with the first entry, it is a horror game where you find yourself in the midst of a psychotic infestation, and gotta find your way out in one piece, and not be chewed up into a red paste.

    I got plans to update this further before moving onto the commercial release. :)


    noted, gonna release a new version around halloween with a buncha fixes.

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    did you pick up the phone and then talk to the NPC who requests the golden skulls? it works for me.

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    "-when you pick all 4 ingredients,the passage doesn't open up"

    theres 5 ingredients to get before it opens.

    EDIT: WAIT, i figured out the problem, yeah it requires a zeta emblem too for some reason, ill have to fix that. (just put "give zetaa" in console for now)

    "when you kill final boss,the teleport exit doesn't open up"


    lemme fix it... =_=


    Few extra problems spotted in level 6, one of which can break the level, 1.12 coming at some point lol.

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    All those been fixed, dunno what i can do about the anvil though, i know how to remove the ability to "anvil jump" but it makes the anvil not hurt you at all, which is something i don't want. so i dunno what to do. 

    Edit: Also, that last ingredient is in the volcano, should be unlocked after you got everything else.

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    Yeeeeeeep that's a bug that's been haunting this level for years and I forgot to check up on this bug for 1.1, especially since I never had run into it myself. I'll try having it fixed in the next version. x_x

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    Yeah probably should run it with older gzdoom or lzdoom. I can't even get the latest versions of gzdoom to run on my computer so I say report the bug to zdoom forums because I can't tell whats going on.

    theres gonna be an update (1.1) sometime down the line

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    yeah its a doom mod from 2012 :v

    and i don't have any plans on updating it unless theres a big ol bug in it

    hel ye bro

    I can note it down, I think I noticed it myself but never fixed it because this wasn't really designed with Doom 1 in mind.

    Doom 2, yes.

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    This isn't a standalone game, you need doom 2 and gzdoom to play.

    The same goes for Unhinged.