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nice game, time 3959

This is awesome, the atmosphere. I love tonic!

I would even pay to play the full version.

Nice one )))

Rezoner is working on a completely new version. I think the one available to download is abandoned. More info on SpriteStack discord.

I prefer realtime database-centric collaboration more than git, though.

At least it's more intuitive to users.

drafft community · Created a new topic Cool gamedev tool!
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Hi! I just wanted to say I appreciate your work and drafft works  really well. Looking forward to the next updates! I'm definitely going to use it for my game.

Some apps you might find useful for taking inspirations from: (mindmaps) (UI forms for objects?)

Thx for the  app :)

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Hi, I've been testing the demo and noticed some issues:

1. Disabling "smooth camera panning" doesn't affect zooming. It's still smooth. Or should there be a separate setting for that?

2. When panning camera, our cursor moves from its position on map for a moment and only returns after ~200-500 milliseconds. That heavily impairs the flow. I used the "PureRef" app previously and in there the cursor lags only for about 20-50 milliseconds when panning camera.

3. When zooming in, the change appears very jerky, and the cursor changes its position while it shouldn't, this further amplifies the effect.

Thank you for your work, the app looks very nice!

Nice, I might find some time to play again soon.

Last time I died after reaching the town and entering some house, huh. Guess that beast was waiting for me.

Awesome game indeed, got around 500 people the second try.

Would be fun to be able to build my own battleships and attack the enemy islands tho :D

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he might want to make a non euclidean geometry walking simulator

Oh I was thinking about participating as well, even though it might be a bit late.

I'm not sure if I understand well, but you want to design a machine/an artificial programming language?

Then I think you should first design and then write an interpreter for your language, there are some tutorials on the web