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Visual planning ideaboard, by indie devs, for indie devs and creatives · By SolarLune

Jerky zoom and cursor lag when panning

A topic by darkwand created 70 days ago Views: 42
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Hi, I've been testing the demo and noticed some issues:

1. Disabling "smooth camera panning" doesn't affect zooming. It's still smooth. Or should there be a separate setting for that?

2. When panning camera, our cursor moves from its position on map for a moment and only returns after ~200-500 milliseconds. That heavily impairs the flow. I used the "PureRef" app previously and in there the cursor lags only for about 20-50 milliseconds when panning camera.

3. When zooming in, the change appears very jerky, and the cursor changes its position while it shouldn't, this further amplifies the effect.

Thank you for your work, the app looks very nice!