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can you please add blind accessibility to this?

also, does/will this be nsfwb

loving the game so far!

pls keep it up!

when can i expect full game?

why this has blind-friendly tag if not accessible?

what's this about, and how's it blind friendly?

why its priced 7 dolarzs?

i mean, what's unique?

where's chapter ?

what is this made with?

can you please add blind accessibility to this, like alt text for all options/buttons, and/ optional image descriptions?

i'd love that!

is this made in renpi?

if this game is made in renpi, could you also add blind accessibility to it?

i'd really like to play this.

is this blind accessible?

i like this!

can blind people play your other games?


when i try to download, it says that the current version is a demo.

when will the full game come out, and will it be free on pc?

is the windows version fully blind accessible?

if i buy the ios gersion, do i also have to buy the windows version or vice versa?

will the minigames which you add later be accessible for blind?


when will full game come out on steam?

how much will it cost?

also, if you need help with accessibility, i'd love to help you!

are all your games accessible? and, do they all have typing?

is this blind accessible?

(1 edit)

since this game has blind friendly tag, is it fully blind accessible? if not, can it be made accessible?

this game has the blind-friendly tag. is the windows version of the game blind accessible?

why does this have blindfriendly tag? is it fully accessible?

is mouse or controller required for this game or can it be played with keyboard alonei also wanted to know the same for bullwork in the city of flesh.

are your other games fully blind accessible?

are all your games blind accessible?

does this as well as arcade spirits have any romance or adult content?

will this be on gog later

andwill the full game be sold here on itch?

sorry for being impatient, but when can we expect complete game?

and, will it have full blind accessibility

how much will it cost?

will this recieveany future updates/content?

could you make this accessible for a fully blind person?

maybe add automatic clipboard output, tts or screen-reader support.

maybe audio instead of visual cueues and only using keyboard?

Sisypush community · Created a new topic clipboard support


thanks for making this blind accessible

would it be posible for you to also add clipboard output to sisypush?

then, we could also play with our screen readers.

this novel as well as lyne h full blind accessibility.

do any other of your novels have blind accessibility?

this has any romance or adult content?


would it be posible to make this blind accessible?

since this game uses unity, you could check out the unity accessibility plugin.

the game would need to work with screen readers and have enough audio cues.

maybe keyboard input could work for those not comfortable using a controller.

i can help test the accessibility if you want.

wow!. that's alt. will prob buy this by the end of March.

i am a little curious. i wanted to know how much of the game is finished?

btw, i just joined your discord!


will this be made in english?

the steam version seems to recieve many small updates, but i can't see any here.

should i  buy the game from here or steam?

im asking as the page here on itch says that it can completed withing half-an-hour.

sorry for asking so many questions.

how much time will this take to finish?

i checked hotshot mode. 

however, i still fail at skill checks.