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I try to run it, but it gives me an error: "The following components are required to run this program: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime." Although I already have it...

You are welcome- you deserve it..

This was amazing- I do wish there was more!

Holy shit- I gotta be honest, the second the  painting clown started popping up, I was like... "And this, is where the fun ends." ... but I honestly thought I'd have to kill Jack in the box guy- and now I wish(I had an axe) I did. But a really good game! But what was up with the music box?

I don't understand what was going on- (Don't worry, I suck at that kind of thing)- but it was an amazing game, and it left my mind running far after I finished.

o-o just wow- 

so gud- on my second time I got trapped behind the other guy because I was exploring :D on another note, how did you get the filters??? Howww??

Ah- thanks.

Why can't I save?? Is it because I need to download the game? Or am I doing something wrong..

This is amazing. I am close to speechless.


*this is now my go-to editor for if I don't wanna text code*

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Maybe in a future game, could you add the 3 "Traps", a changable office(FNAF 1-6) and maybe an AI level?? Like: so you could go Insane Insane: Insane Mode, 35x35 all animatronics at AI Lvl 20. This would be awesome! 


And maybe a Nightmare Mode?(HARDER THAN INSANE)

Which for me is sad, because all of your games look awesome!

I can't download anything because my computer is sooo slow, so I can't play alot of your games.

Looks fun!

This game is so awesome, I might check out your other games!

(Rating 99.99999/100)

Or add all the other characters from Dark Deception! I've never played it, though. Also, I would be nice if Spring Trap, Scrap Trap, and/or/not Spring Bonnie. The other two features I'd like would be the ability to change the office(FNaF 1-6), and add an AI level.

The game is good, but I'd say you should get rid of the black backround before you get jumpscared, because it would add a scarier jumpscare

I finally got it to work. I was typing(with my var being "a")"{print variblea}"

Umm... the print var won't work with me.

Can't get exits to work.. :(

I need help and suggestions.

Hope this is loved by others!