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You'll actually do more damage in the long term and take less if you keep damaging the other attributes rather than doing basic attacks.  You get some free bonus damage for every point you still have in a broken attribute.  So continuing to break others with give you more bonus damage when taming and reducing your opponent's will reduce how much automatic damage your opponent does when they tame.  Basic attacks are really a red herring you're not suppose to use.

The basic attack is a red herring, don't use it.  The way you're intended to do the fight is to drain at least one of your opponent's attributes to zero and then use taming to win.  Do you need other hints or do you think you can figure it out now?

It was never compiled for linux and I have no linux box.  At present time, the game is windows only.  It's listed in additional information.

That did it, thanks.

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I tested by performing only acts that had the dom tag once I'd gotten petting unlocked.  After close to 50 days of testing, the slave's description still says, "...acts fairly timid and expects you to take intiative and ready to serve, rather than being served."  That line also seems to show up after doing a few of any sex act, even those without either dom or sub tag, but it doesn't show up until a little while after starting sex.

Glancing at the code you pointed me towards and sexuals.gd, I can't see any obvious reason why that should happen.  It really doesn't look like it's working properly.  Something is causing slave.dom to drop when having sex without the sub tag, that's the only possible way the line ("...acts fairly timid ...") can show up.  It appears as soon as that value drops below 40, and it shouldn't be changing with sex acts that don't have the sub tag.

EDIT: Two neutral and one dominant sex act will result in slave.dom dropping below 40.  Three neutral acts will result in slave.dom dropping below 40.  Two neutral acts and TWO sub acts is what it takes for slave.dom to drop below 40.  For some reason, submissive acts result in less of a slave.dom reduction than neutral or dominant actions.

I'm noticing that they end up submissive shortly after I start having sex with them.  Initially kissing/massaging and then into petting.  Sometimes they end up submissive as I unlock petting.  Is this intended behavior?  What acts would increase dominance?

Is the starting companion character always submissive, or have I been extremely unlucky on my restarts?  Unless they always end up submissive because of sex mechanics on high obedience character?

Is it possible to change a slave to have a different sub/dom tastes?  How?

Small suggestion for sex ratio choices: it might be a good idea to change some of the in game quests to determine the requested sex of the character to be based on the sex ratios the player has set in the options (first mage guild quest, possibly others as well).  If women are either very rare or impossible to find, the quest will be much more difficult than it otherwise would be without changing your settings again for the duration of the quest(s).

Perhaps 'Finger ass' could replace 'wank' if anal lover is high enough?

Just going to mention that there are a few other issues, including one on this site, that I also reported in the known issues thread that seems to have been missed.

There seems to be an error with the versions available for download and the online changelog. As far as I can tell, those abilities listed aren't in the game you can download.

Just wanted to say that I really like the main character portraits when you gain the perks that make you like sex and am looking forward to seeing the changes that get added down the line to the scenes.

Also really like the new version of the centaur submit end scene more than getting forced to be a faux mare, though I don't know when that was changed.

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Noticed a few small things. First is if you want to play top, it's really hard to get your arousal up in order to actually top your opponents (near as I can tell, the only way to get that to work is to have your arousal be high from a previous encounter or to bottom for a bit first). Second is that the brigand anal animation seems to only be used in combat, but it would probably work well in the willing scene after speaking to her too (which currently doesn't have anything). Third, the taunt skill is producing some probably unintended behavior by causing enemies to immediately cum after any sort of stimulation and to remain in that aroused state after using erupt if done a sufficient number of times.

Finally, your main image claims that the most recent version that was released was still at the end of February. I only realized that you'd updated because I actually went to the game's page to check discussions and noticed that a newer version had been added.

EDIT: Looking at the changelogs, there seems to be some sort of mismatch going on. The version listed on the changelog states that there is now a preload option and a new ogre encounter. The changelog for version included with the game instead lists the rival adventurer encounter as new content. Neither version of this changelog is included on the other, but the game's one seems to be accurate for the current public version.

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That would explain why there doesn't seem to be a way to recover once your health gets low. Healing spells, taking defensive stances, trying to wear your opponent out, none of it seems to work after you've lost a certain amount of health. Combined with armor sundering, it seems that once you start to lose a battle in this game, you've lost the whole thing.

EDIT: BTW, did you change it so that the paladin is even able to get into the fight with the goblin with their base stats? Last I checked, you'd always get hit on the head and then have nothing happen.

The endurance test with the goblin anal scene doesn't seem to be working, it's listing the tested attribute as 0. This means that you fail every check.


A quick bug report: It seems that the anal virgin flag either isn't working, or it isn't being properly set by certain events. In the later case, the unicorn sex scene and the willing scene with the bandit (after talking to her) do not set the player's anal virgin flag to false.

Had a look at the latest build, saw a lot of new content in there since my last run. I am seeing a theme with the scenes that's a bit disappointing, being not terribly fond of disgust in scenes, but I'm sure that you're doing what you like and that there will be lots of people that also like it.

I noticed that the, "Sit on it" skill is rather difficult to pull off, most of the time enemies end up laying prone instead of supine or are defeated before you can knock them down. The only enemy I was actually able to get to cum with it was the slutwolf, which of course carries an instant loss.

While I was trying to pull the move off, I also noticed that the fights seemed to get a lot harder, if not impossible, if you allowed the enemies to get off on you. Is that intentional?

Thanks for the answer. I do like what you've got in the game so far, but in my opinion the combat system could use some numbers tweaking. Mainly so that the difference in attributes between you and your opponent has less impact and to eliminate the possibility of doing 0 damage on attacks. A good first step might be to increase the amount of health characters have and to tie base damage to the attack type and weapons being used. Have the strength - endurance difference be used as a damage modifier with diminishing returns and a max damage increase/reduction.

Are you posting the changelog somewhere for each new version? I played a fair bit of the last version but I want to know what's changed before I try playing it again.