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So I just spectated/participated in this game while watching AggressiveCombustion's stream!  This was so much fun.

I uh... can't get any of my controllers to register... I cannot play this game and this saddens me.

I didn't think to wear headphones when tryin' this out, but does the game feature stereo sound?

Neat game!  I apparently have no grasp of character position. ^^;

Got kinda stingy there at the end with that ol' left and right.  Fun though!  Mayhaps something to help better plan out distance when L/R restricted.

I linked this to my buddy who is super into rhythm games.  I can't wait for his response.

I was unprepared.  Music choice was top notch.

That was awesome.  My first thought was "Wh- how does any of this tower thing help me stop the hoards of mechanical zombies?"

And then I realized that they were more of a timer for an excellent puzzle game.  Or at least what felt like one to me.

Neato game!  It seems to lock up about every 15 seconds before returning to normal functionality...