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Many people told me the same thing, so I tried to address these critics by updating the game with some adjustments. The game should be playable now if you'd like to give it another go !

Yeah, I forgot to make simple checks, and the end puzzle was a freebie... I fixed it now, and I also added a few QoL adjustments. If you want to give it another try, it should be more enjoyable now

yep, sorry for the incomprehensible incomplete game, I didn't have enough time to finish it. 

If you need more indication on how to play, I'll probably get the game updated in a few weeks, but basically yeah, you roll the normal dices to get points, that you can then spend on rolling the upgrade dices which... upgrade the dices : The effect dice tells the effect you're gonna apply on a dice, and the numbered one tells you the amplitude of the effect. Then, you can go in the shop to buy new faces to the upgrade dices.

Hope that helps, ...6 days later... but hey, thanks for trying it anyways !

thanks a lot for the feedback, it means a lot to me that people gave my half-backed game a try. I'm happy to hear that it's a concept that works, and I'll keep working on it to make sure it's has complete and fun as it can be. ;)

Thanks a lot for your feedback. After the jam (or shortly before it ended) I was just devastated. I didn't have enough time to finish it. I wanted to have sound, more intuitive gameplay, some progression, stuff that'd make the game complete, but I just couldn't. Afterwards, I was just so fed up with my terrible code and lack of completion that I just wanted to let the game as it was. Don't get me wrong, I think it was an important experience for me, I learned a lot and I won't do the mistake that lead me to run out of time again (mainly trash and disorganized code) Basically, that Game Jam humbled me

But reading your comment, and seeing that the game is actually kinda fun, now that's something I never even considered. I always thought that because it lacked playtesting and juice, it was just a good idea that wasn't complete, meaning that it was hot, uncontrolled garbage. And I was ready to leave it at that, even knowing the potential of the finished product.

But NO. I won't. I'll finish it. Starting with sounds, progression, more content, better indication of what to do. Thanks for giving me the strengh

Also, for the tutorial, I basically just did the screen 30min before the "end" of the jam (7pm, not 9pm), and while it was painful to let things like THAT in the game, it was either that or nothing at all, so sorry for the wall of text and then NOTHING ELSE, but it pained me a lot too.

Anyways, thanks in general for giving my incomplete game a chance, it really means a lot, and seeing positive feedback on my half-backed project gave me confidence. Thanks a lot, random stranger on the internet ;) 

And thanks for your last idea, I'll shamelessly take it and call it mine ! (jk, but that's interesting so I think I'll do something like that)

Oh I'm so stupid 😓 I'm french so I have a azerty keyboard and I didn't think about qwerty keyboards... Well thanks for pointing that out anyway! 

Really good idea ! It's a bit hard, but it work well ! GGs !

This is a really good idea and it's executed really well ! Good job !

This is very fun ! It's a simple idea that is well executed. Good job !

wow really nice ! it's really inovative ! It's strange that no one thought to add portals to this block pushing puzzle, but it works really well ! I'm glad someone did it, and I'm glad it was you, because it works really well !

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oooooooh looks nice  !

wow that was really cool

I like the way the wind works ! Really nice !

I'm still not able to play it but I going to make the best out of this promotion, I'll have it ready for when I come home!

Don't worry I will, thought I'm sad 'cause I don' t have access to a computer rn, but I'll play it asap

This game looks great! I loved mobility and I'm really excited to play this game! I'll buy it asap, 'cause this looks wild!

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ok, I'll see ! And to upgrade the controls, I recommend trying to imagine where will the hands of the player will be while playing ;)

That's a simple concept, with simple graphics and a catchy music, and it work really well ! Like it a lot.

Nice graphics, a bit hard, nice level and lame design, and overall a very nice game !

Also the game doesn't work that well if you use a controller...

really nice ! I love the concept and even if the controls are a bit hard to get used to, the games overall really nice 

Very nice game ! A bit hard to understand but overall, that very fun 

This work really well ! I would like to be able to play in them, cause the dongeons are really nicely generated  !

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nice ! Liked that !

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Let's Test this !

# What's next?
# 1 <tbc> First posted level ! So there is no level to link to... # 2 <say> Nice game, really love the concept !!!

First test of the game, I really love it ! It's easy to make level and decorate them, the game's graphics are nice... Everything is cool ! Keep going ! 

Also there seems to be a bug where the sfx stop after death sometimes...