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hum... smartphone exists

Oh I'm so stupid 😓 I'm french so I have a azerty keyboard and I didn't think about qwerty keyboards... Well thanks for pointing that out anyway! 

Really good idea ! It's a bit hard, but it work well ! GGs !

This is a really good idea and it's executed really well ! Good job !

This is very fun ! It's a simple idea that is well executed. Good job !

wow really nice ! it's really inovative ! It's strange that no one thought to add portals to this block pushing puzzle, but it works really well ! I'm glad someone did it, and I'm glad it was you, because it works really well !

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oooooooh looks nice  !

wow that was really cool

I like the way the wind works ! Really nice !

I'm still not able to play it but I going to make the best out of this promotion, I'll have it ready for when I come home!

Don't worry I will, thought I'm sad 'cause I don' t have access to a computer rn, but I'll play it asap

This game looks great! I loved mobility and I'm really excited to play this game! I'll buy it asap, 'cause this looks wild!

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ok, I'll see ! And to upgrade the controls, I recommend trying to imagine where will the hands of the player will be while playing ;)

That's a simple concept, with simple graphics and a catchy music, and it work really well ! Like it a lot.

Nice graphics, a bit hard, nice level and lame design, and overall a very nice game !

Also the game doesn't work that well if you use a controller...

really nice ! I love the concept and even if the controls are a bit hard to get used to, the games overall really nice 

Very nice game ! A bit hard to understand but overall, that very fun 

This work really well ! I would like to be able to play in them, cause the dongeons are really nicely generated  !

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nice ! Liked that !

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Let's Test this !

# What's next?
# 1 <tbc> First posted level ! So there is no level to link to... # 2 <say> Nice game, really love the concept !!!

First test of the game, I really love it ! It's easy to make level and decorate them, the game's graphics are nice... Everything is cool ! Keep going ! 

Also there seems to be a bug where the sfx stop after death sometimes...