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Either Matt is a NIN fan or im going crazy xD
This is a great little game. took me about half an hour to find my way round this aMAZEing place. Really quite creepy, wasnt expecting it to make me quite so tense at times. Loved trying to work out the hidden meaning. Pretty sure ive worked it out or at least rather close to what its meant to be.
Had a few frame drops but think thats more down to my pc being on its last legs. Not much else to say without potential spoilers for anyone reading this. All i can say is, another well put together game. Really loving your content. Keep it up :)

OK, this actually genuinely surprised me... in many ways.
I normally think of myself being quite harsh when playing and 'judging' little indie games, especially horror games as, lets face it, most are pretty bad. But this i really enjoyed. Enjoyed a bit too much i think haha. 
I first read the word 'jumpscare' and though, great, another game, that throws, cheep nasty jumpscares, expecting thats what makes a good horror. but no, this game is so much more. the atmosphere alone is creepy as hell, not being able to see that far ahead of you, then constant strange sounds and the fear that something is always lurking around the next corner. Absolutely love the graphics of this and always think people underestimate a game when using this style. Still freaky with the filter and probably makes it moreso because of it.
I recorded a little bit of this game, didnt get very far as i was getting a bit lost. Think i was meant to be hunting for a key, but couldnt find it.
But i will definitely be going  back to this game in my own time, thats for sure. Such a great little game. Honestly cant give you feedback on how to improve it. in 4 days, this is kinda impressive. Well made!

I thought this was a great concept towards a game, loved the art style, the little notes laying around was cool, liked the subtle humour within them. 
I encountered a lot of bugs..(and im not just talking about the annoying bats bugging me every 5 seconds :P) but for starters i couldnt stop walking, would constantly walk to the right, no matter what. Pretty sure thats not apart of the game. The frame rates, especially on the second level were terrible, so bad that i couldnt continue with the game unfortunately. I can see this being a great little game, if i didnt have these problems. Maybe if i see you releasing another update to fix these in the future, I might give it another go, as i really do see potential here.  but as it was only a 10 week student project, then it's pretty good for that time frame.

Oh, cool. I might just have to download that then and check out any changes! Might even do a part 2 for the channel, if that's alright with you 馃槉

Really loved this game. Managed to get to the end first time and instantly wanted to play it again to find alternative scenarios. 
Before even getting into the gameplay, i found the sound is very fitting and in most situations, very calming... Until combat arises xD
 Loved how smoothly the game flowed from one scene to another, how there were many different locations, each one having new and interesting outcomes. 
Combat system was very cool. reminds me of a few tabletop games you can get, having to role some dice to get enough of the same symbols, to defeat bosses.
The game really makes you think and make you decide on whether its worth checking out certain things, or talking to people, unsure if it's going to end well or badly. 

There were some minor typos, but nothing that ruined the experience. But then again, i cant say anything, as i'm terrible at english :D
I found the game rather easy, but that might have just been me being lucky. But even when i made a mistake by selecting the wrong thing towards the end, and was near death, I never found it challenging to get back onto my feet.  

Overall though, really great game. Enjoyed it a lot.

On a different note, I dont think i'll ever be able to look at a shard of glass the same way again :P

thanks for taking the time to watch my video 馃槉 I honestly thought it was a great little game. I didn't want to criticise small dialogue issues like that and make a big deal out of it, for others watching to notice, as it still seemed to flow well regardless (99.9999% of the time) 馃槤 have you considered expanding this game, or you just leaving it as it is? 

Thought this was a lovely little game. Very good considering the small time frame you had to make it. 
The 'voice acting' made me laugh. Was not expecting that xD
This was a really great concept for a game but found it quite hard to play. It would work so much better as a mobile game thats for sure. You'd be able to swipe better then. 
I talked more about the game at the end of this video. But generally, really happy i found and played this game. Keep up the good work for any future games :) 4/5 - 5 if the controls were easier. But that might just me being harsh.