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Really loved this game. Managed to get to the end first time and instantly wanted to play it again to find alternative scenarios. 
Before even getting into the gameplay, i found the sound is very fitting and in most situations, very calming... Until combat arises xD
 Loved how smoothly the game flowed from one scene to another, how there were many different locations, each one having new and interesting outcomes. 
Combat system was very cool. reminds me of a few tabletop games you can get, having to role some dice to get enough of the same symbols, to defeat bosses.
The game really makes you think and make you decide on whether its worth checking out certain things, or talking to people, unsure if it's going to end well or badly. 

There were some minor typos, but nothing that ruined the experience. But then again, i cant say anything, as i'm terrible at english :D
I found the game rather easy, but that might have just been me being lucky. But even when i made a mistake by selecting the wrong thing towards the end, and was near death, I never found it challenging to get back onto my feet.  

Overall though, really great game. Enjoyed it a lot.

On a different note, I dont think i'll ever be able to look at a shard of glass the same way again :P

Thanks so much for playing and making this! 
There's a new version coming out today with different combat, tons of bug-fixes, text edits and a re-balanced challenge level.

Oh, cool. I might just have to download that then and check out any changes! Might even do a part 2 for the channel, if that's alright with you 😊

Of course! I'm flattered that you've made the effort you have so far.