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About the Meatchaser, you are right... but Hector is not dead at the end of the first ending, and no, he's not a criminal.

It's a fight against his mental disorders (mainly Schizophrenia).

We don't wanna spoil to much. Main goal of Silent Lullaby is to let the player in some kind of confusion state. 

So, sorry if we can't go into too much detail.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. No problem for us :)

Yes, this game is completed for us. It's just a small project :)

Finished :)

Thank you !!

Thank you !!

Thank you, we are glad you liked it!

Wow!!! Thank you!

We really appreciate it.

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Hi, thank you for playing , this is the first demo of DMT. If you want, you can try the new version without bugs :)

Here's the link:

Thank you !!

Glad to hear that :)

Thank you for playing!!!

Thank you, glad to hear that!

Every area, object, enemy, boss and NPC (by the way, you missed 3 of them) have a story. It's like a souls-borne game, you have your story and a huge lore to explore :)

We are not english native speakers, so we decided to release a gameplay-only demo (it's not easy to translate complex text).

Anyway, thank you for playing and congrats, your video is amazing (but you missed a lot of things :D).

Yes you can. If you look closely, there is an eye plant with a different idle animation :)

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There are many chests inside the game, but if it's the first chest than you are not the first person who think that.

Probably it's to difficult.

Anyway, thank you for playing.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.

Silent  Lullaby was our first horror/adventure game, it was something totally new for us.

Puzzles are no random, they are a just bit obscure.

Feedbacks are like gold to us, so thank you again.

Thank you very much!!

Game page:

Dark Medieval Times is a Souls-like Action Platform RPG with a heavy focus on challenging gameplay and exploration. 

You can think of the game as a crazy mix between Rayman, Dark Souls, Medievil and Castlevania.


The Fog of Death keeps spreading through the land of Alusia, bringing insanity, madness and death. 

No one can stop the evil miasma and no one can resist his cursed power. 

There is no hope in the realm of the living, only the death can defeat the death...

We would greatly appreciate it if you give us some feedback.


Game page:

The Epic Gang Plus is an Action RPG where story, exploration, combat and puzzle solving fuse together to create an immersive game experience.

Help Luke to find a way out from a deadly dungeon and defeat the monstrosity hidden inside the depths.
Powerful foes await ahead, be ready to destroy them all.

This is a complete game, so be ready for more than 3 hours of furious gameplay.


Hi my friend, 

we are really happy to hear that.

About a release date, we hope to reach Steam in 2018. We have tons of work ahead but we will release a Demo 2 for sure.

Thank you for playing.

Greetings from Italy :)

I can understand english without any problem, but when i have to talk, well, i need my time :)

So if you want to ask some questions we can e-mail each other, if you like. 

Amazing video walkthrough!

Congrats, it's the first time that i see a video with someone defeating the Twisted Abomination. Really, congratulations.

We hope to reach Steam next year,  we'll release a new demo (and other small projects) before.

We can talk about DMT if you want, but i'm a bit slow to translate in english :)

Yeah, we decided to update the controls layout. No more problem of this kind in the future :)

Congratulation, you are one of the few people who completed this (a bit) unbalanced demo. Really, congrats.

We lock if we can do something about arcade stick, but, i think the normal pad is still the better option to play the game.

No, you can't find the glove in the demo. Is near but it's in a locked area. There are tons of locked or unreachable locations in the demo.