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Hi my friend, 

we are really happy to hear that.

About a release date, we hope to reach Steam in 2018. We have tons of work ahead but we will release a Demo 2 for sure.

Thank you for playing.

Greetings from Italy :)

I can understand english without any problem, but when i have to talk, well, i need my time :)

So if you want to ask some questions we can e-mail each other, if you like. 

Amazing video walkthrough!

Congrats, it's the first time that i see a video with someone defeating the Twisted Abomination. Really, congratulations.

We hope to reach Steam next year,  we'll release a new demo (and other small projects) before.

We can talk about DMT if you want, but i'm a bit slow to translate in english :)

Yeah, we decided to update the controls layout. No more problem of this kind in the future :)

Congratulation, you are one of the few people who completed this (a bit) unbalanced demo. Really, congrats.

We lock if we can do something about arcade stick, but, i think the normal pad is still the better option to play the game.

No, you can't find the glove in the demo. Is near but it's in a locked area. There are tons of locked or unreachable locations in the demo.