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Dark Medieval Times - Alpha Demo II (Souls-like Metroidvania Platform RPG)

A topic by Darkenauts_Studio created Jan 10, 2018 Views: 484 Replies: 2
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Game page:

Dark Medieval Times is a Souls-like Action Platform RPG with a heavy focus on challenging gameplay and exploration. 

You can think of the game as a crazy mix between Rayman, Dark Souls, Medievil and Castlevania.


The Fog of Death keeps spreading through the land of Alusia, bringing insanity, madness and death. 

No one can stop the evil miasma and no one can resist his cursed power. 

There is no hope in the realm of the living, only the death can defeat the death...

We would greatly appreciate it if you give us some feedback.



Looks like an interesting project. I put it up on the homepage so you can get more eyes on it.

Thank you very much!!

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