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The PlayCanvas PLAYHACK Game jam competition winners have been announced.

The top three games were:

Orbital Survivor - - A manic spherical shooter where you end up shooting yourself. A lot!

Galaxies: Combat - - An arena-style shoot-em-up. Upgradable weapons and endless waves of enemies.

Space Pirates - - Bomberman meets Pac-man. Another spherical style game. This time a collect-em-up. With multiplayer.

Play all the games from our blog:

PLAYHACK was sponsored by PlayJam and ran from 1st Feb until 11th March. There was £3500 in prize money for the winners.

From Monday 1st Feb until March 11th we're running a game making competition at PlayCanvas. The theme is Rockets! Robots! UFOs! and we've supplied 3D models of each for the competition. First prize is £2000 (~$2900). It's a great opportunity to try a new engine or try out a game idea and win a prize.

All the info is here: