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Thank you. It works SO much better.

I find that a lot of these web games are too laggy for me too play. This game is one of those. Seems like a nice game though.

Very interesting... I enjoyed this.

Interesting Idea. The movement was a little fast, because there were times where I couldn't quite position myself.

nice spin on the towers though, and I am using a mac so it may be different on other platforms.

OK... so

I like the story, the comedy was good, nice and short, BUT...

the controls seemed a little clunky - go figure, you're on a boat - but that didn't stop me from trying to finish it. I felt like there should have been some more obstacles, and the obstacles that were there should have been a little more spread out.

But that's not to say it isn't a good game. I enjoyed it, and that's the thing.

sorry if I sound harsh.

Also... just wanted to make sure, can you all actually download these?

Remember to tell me what you thought of it down here!


some Minor bug fixes!

It's all fixed thanks!

I can't jump above the first cliff, I need to use all three stumps to jump to the next area. I found out to use Z before it told me because I couldn't figure out if there was a trick or not.

You need to fix your jump

You might want to just type the link in, seen as you can't click it