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Really awesome game concept!! Love the music, animation etc. Died so many times trying to figure out the game. I could never win, and i could rarely outrun the alien abduction :( :( 

I recognized your style of music, i loved it, but I could not for the life of me, finish the game or beat it any way. I had no idea what to do once i got the lantern and artifact. I ran all over the map and always just hit a wall..... :( 

Great game!!!

GREAT GAME! Love the art and music too! Reminds me of an old arcade-like PS1 game. Lots of nostalgia. I couldnt get passed the barrier of laser beams :( but overall great game!!

GREAT GAME MLK!!! really really hard though hahah level 3 was too tough for me!! <3 lots of love!

Game would be A++ instead A+ if it had some good music and sound FX!!

MLK!! awesome game! Add some cool sounds effects and some stressful but fun music and it will be a winner for sure!! great game, keep them coming my dude!!

loved the game Joel! Gave me Towerfall Ascension vibes, the time limit is a great challenge! I encountered a bug where the music would always be muted everytime I restarted a level.

Keep up the awesome gamedev work!!!

loved it and loved the original soundtrack!!! keep making awesome games!!

I really loved the concept and would love to see more of this game! Very simple and fun, i loved the 2 different vehicles and their separate roles. Would be awesome to see more of this game!! Soundtrack was great too! 

Keep it up and Kudos on your first game guys!!

Lots of love


loved the atmosphere! i can only imagine the awesome music you can implement. Would love to see an escape key for quit/pause. starting area is very hard! maybe make the first 4-5 ledges easier to get to by opening the spaces between the ceiling and the ledge! then once we are hooked, you make it harder!!

great game overall!!

-Lots of love  DapeachTV

Herbster!! Kudos on finishing your first game! I loved the procedural generation of the levels and all the different types of enemies. Was very fun and i loved the music too! Would like to see more sound effects for things like attacks, damage hits, and death of enemies/player and even dropping/collecting health! 

Would have liked to see a re-sizable window or options to choose different resolutions.

Overall great game, and keep making games! Can't wait to play the next one!

-Lots of love, DapeachTV!

Thanks for thefeedback!! we updated it in our newer version

Thanks Omar! working on them now!

Thanks for the love!

Hey! Thanks for your feedback.

We will normalize the speed for diagonal running - great point.

Currently working on a fix for the zombies.

What do you mean by hide the cursor? In the menu screens?

Wow!! Thank you for making this, this is fantastic. 

Much bigger difference between reading about bugs and watching them. Also we get to watch your Gameplay and really understand what you're experiencing! 

Ok I see what you're saying about the zombies being hard to kill. They are moving too fast and the bullets are not connecting with the zombies. Shooting them while in the hole makes things a lot more difficult as they will circle around you. 

When out of the hole they will run directly forward towards you and that way is much easier to headshot or bodyshot them 4-5 times. 

Thanks for sharing this, I'll take a look at it with Tarzand and we'll make some fixes. 

Do you mind if I play the video on my twitch stream? 

Jimmy, thank you so much for your feedback! Yes we were going for a horror but not so horror type of style haha. Cartoonish i guess!

Oh that's awesome feedback thank you. Each particle has a light attached.  I will look into it! 

Thanks again, and happy you enjoyed it!! New release coming soon

Wow, thanks for all of your feedback!!

Okay I will take a look at FOV, zombie damage notifications, and quest tracking.

Thanks again Dima!! really appreciate it 

Thanks for trying the game!! Yes we realized the hitboxes were off (not enough playtesting prior to submission i guess). We've looked into it for our next release, thanks for letting us know!!

yess zombies are awesome hehehe

Thanks for your comments! I will update some of those text prompts or maybe add a on-screen quest tracker!

Thanks again for your nice words!!

Checking out your game now

hahah Im happy you loved our game! Thanks!!

Yes I'll check out your game now

Thanks Rhang!! really appreciate it dude

Hey kingdavegames thanks for trying our game! Yes! It was one of the first bugs we looked into after submissions - it's been fixed! Thanks for letting us know about it :D 

Thanks for your nice comments PlanetRealm! We looked into that bug and found the issue - it's been fixed for the next release! :D Thanks for letting us know about it

I completely understand your frustration. One of the best parts of gameDev is the bugfixes!! :D 

Thanks!! We've updated the hitboxes (and a few other bugs) for our next release. 

Thanks so much

hahaha awesome! Yes we definitely wanted a shovel in there as a weapon, but the gun definitely makes it more fun! Thanks for checking out our game

Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

We believe there were a few hitbox issues with the Zombies. We've added it to our bug list (and have since fixed it) for our next release!

cool game! i love the music too great work. The art and animation is really cool. great work

wow super awesome game! the controls are 10/10 and the story and music is amazing. Great games! You have a lot of potential!!


Cool concepts! very unique idea too.. I love seeing everyone's different ideas in this game jam. great work

super cute game! i love the animation (wish it was a bit quicker to move). Overall very nice and the music/sound is 10/10!!!!

very good game! I love difficult games. Most games are too easy. Great work on it, very simple controls. WR seems impossible. great work Megamaz

LOVE the game! the art and music and soundfx and movement. honestly everything is awesome! the game is a perfect challenge. great work!!! 10/10

Cool! I think the movement could be better. I think the browser is not the best for this game (not sure why exactly). 

The brush reminds me of BobRoss!! nice job

Nice!! I wish the controller was smoother, I think it has good potential! keep it up

Nice game! I love animals!! great work! I think it has a lot of potential. Keep making great games, I'd love to see what else you come up with

I think you have a great game here! I wish the mouse was free instead of locked to a radius around Brutus. Great idea with the grapple hook and cool animations. Also, if he runs to the left it's as if he is running backwards hehe

Nice job!! I got stuck after level 1, the screen went black and there as nothing I could do. Played in the chrome browser :(

i LOVE the concept!! very great work. Nice music too. Lots of potential!!

Yes the shovel hitbox is supposed to short range - like a melee weapon. I will take a look at the bug you mentioned "Even if he's closer than that you just miss."

Yes the lifebar after respawn is broken. Sorry about that. New update coming soon and it will fix it. Thanks again for your feedback and awesome kind words!! 

nice concept!! great game overalll! I love computers. this is a great idea, and the game isn't very easy either! nice job