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This game is really cool. I found an impossible enemy (healed himself too much compared to the damages I could make). But this is one terribly great game!

Bowser hate this games because it shows that we can do a better job than him when the time comes to kill Mario. 

Nice job guys! The jump was hard to manage at first, but once you get used to it, it's nice : )

Wait for the DEJA VU version I'll put in the next build of Cerbirds before dying hahaha xD thanks !

What a sweet comment! Thanks you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!


Ah xD J'vais essayer de reproduire ça pour voir où ça coince et essayer de virer c'truc ! Merci beaucoup pour ce retour!

It's so satisfying to see people enjoying the mechanics! THanks!

Hey! Oh thanks for playing the game! It's so great you liked it! I'll add some more, but I need to fix the colliders first and have a better understanding of my engine before that! :p 
Stay tuned!

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Heh, a new sound effect for the "DEJA VU"? I guess yes. When I'll add levels, I think I will just delete it because it can be annoying very quickly x). It make the joke for a game jam, but that's all haha!

Ca va, je parle français de base ;)  Cela dit, c'est super gentil de t'en inquiéter!

Merci pour ton retour complet! Ouip, pour les collisions, j'ai encore du travail à faire pour rendre ça plus smooth, j'pourrais m'en occuper dès la semaine prochaine ;) 

Ouais c'est court, mais dans le temps que j'avais, je préférais avoir trois mécaniques simples et fonctionnelles. Et comme elles se répètent un peu sur un level design, je ne voulais pas rendre ça trop redondant/relou pour le joueur. J'suis en train de réfléchir à plusieurs façon d'exploiter ces trois oiseaux afin de pouvoir créer des puzzles et des situations rigolotes que l'on pourrait résoudre avec chacun d'eux ! 

Hi! Thanks for playing the game! 
Please, tell me more: when you press P, was your character buggy? If yes, please, tell me what you did so I can try to reproduce it to understand and fix the bug. ^^


Merci ! ; ) 

Thanks a lot! I'm glad I made you smile!


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Thanks, I'm glad you like! I know there is this problem, pressing "P" help to reinitialize character state (it's a temporary fix) ^^

Thanks! It's so satisfying to make people laugh, glad you enjoyed!

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Thanks! I'm glad you like! DEJA VU, I 'VE JUST BEEN IN THIS PLACE BEFORE *roll away*

Hi! Thanks! I'm really SO glad that I made you laugh xD I just re-upload a version with better collision work!

For the character I made an emergency button (P) that will reset the state of your character! It's just a temporary fix until I understand how to make the game manage this better ^^ 

Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot!

Yeah maybe, but I though that since we used only directional arrows and one key on the keyboard, it wasn't complicate to play with ^^'  And I was thinking about making a build for phones or tablet . 

Thanks btw, I'll try first to make corrections on that build before making so others. I don't know if I'll make multiple games with this style, since I like to change depending on the purpose, but will think about it. 

Hi ! Thanks for letting me know :) I know there are some things to improve with collisions, I'll try to enhance that later, but not sure what I can do. 
If you have problems with controls, switch to AZERTY keyboard ;) That's what I do when I play QWERTY games! 

Thanks for playing

Haha nice, i'll follow patiently the news on the game. And yeah, I was one of the artist on our game, thanks a lot again : ) 

Haha thanks a lot! It makes some of us want to go further in the dev. : ) 

Glad you like ! <3 Thanks a lot

Hey, thanks for your feedback! Indeed, it miss some feedbacks for player and enemies.  We didn't had the time to implement them, but it will be corrected in the future. : )

Thanks a lot : ) I'm glad you like it, and yeah, it ease a little bit the "die and retry" par x) 

There are some interesting stuff down there! Like it. The intro was a neat add! The game is difficult tho, but it's okay ^^ Maybe the music is a bit too loud.

This game is nice. I loved the character design of the player character!

Lost my tail in the maze... But get it back once I ate the eggs. Isn't life amazing? 
The game was neat, good job

Controls were a bit difficults, but I really enjoyed the main character design! Had some "Steven Universe "vibes

Cool game, nice graphics. Maybe the character is a bit slow but the game was pleasant ^^

Controls are really to hard ^^' The jump is difficult to control, you can stay blocked in walls, well... It was complicate to play to be honest. The fact that WASD moves the character AND the camera while arrows are used to also move the camera make it more difficult. I think there are some more work to do about it. But I LOVED the music and the overall graphisms

Really love the aesthetics and the fact that they were secret passage x) 

I enjoy the artstyle and the bow effect. Controls were a bit rigid and there were some annoying colliders on some guardrail but still, you did great on this game ^^