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Dante Scanline

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my totally biased review: i love this game, it's heart beats with all the best themes of the jeremy-verse.

this game is totally unreal. there's so much stuff in here, so many weird meta jokes and twists and fake outs, so many fun games, so many times you think it's over and then BAM your dead cyborg brother comes back to life and challenges you to farm fruit for him

any chance of a mac version? I know its a pain in the ass to deal with their whole nonsense but i love your games and i only have mac right now.


I second this!

I believe the developer is making this with gamemaker which can be a pain to make mac builds from (you need a mac and to jump through hoops with apple).

This is a little terrifying! Thanks!

Purely look and feel but the screen transition effect feels too slow sometimes. This is especially obvious if you drop down a long pit through multiple rooms, not much time to see the next one before you're out. Maybe pause the game execution until the effect is partially over?