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Thank you such much for playing and your kind words.

The Demo system is a bit stunted and jarring. In the main game everything is tied together via an overworld that matches the styles and graphical themes of levels for each world. However, your feedback is still very valid.  Especially concerning polish and adding some "juice". I've tried to make games before and I spent forever on developing systems and never released anything, so I focused more on content than polish in order to force myself to release the game.

I'll look into improving the game and perhaps making the demo more representative of the full game experience.

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Triple Jump is an auto-running puzzle platformer where you have a library of different “jumps” that you can assign in any combination to three slots.  You are then faced with levels that require some combination of those jumps to solve.

Triple Jump Features:

  • Over 5 worlds and 80 unique levels
    • With three coin layouts for each level
    • Coins system that encourages discovering unique jump combinations
  • Six different jumps
    • Some with hidden alternative uses
    • Over 100 possible jump layouts
  • A gentle learning curve with level assistance mechanics to help prevent getting stuck
    • Also includes a hint system to reduce trial and error
  • A unique level looping system that focuses on persistence over perfection
  • Hidden power ups that help with coin hunting
  • Built in tracking for speed running and level optimizations
    • Fastest times
    • Least number of deaths
    • Least number of jumps
    • Aggregation of these for World and Game totals!
  • Ability to share your progress via Twitter

Triple Jump community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Is you encounter any bugs or issues while running the game please post here.

Triple Jump community · Created a new topic Tech Support

Post here if you are having trouble getting the game to run!

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World Records unlock when you've beat all the levels in a world.

Click on the record to show your overall report card.

Post a screen shot of your report card here to show off.

I very much appreciate your feedback, and I hope you are able to make it to some of the hard levels without getting frustrated.