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Mega Golftroid is a 2D golf game that plays like a metroidvania and has megaman style powerups.

It plays sort of like Super Stickman Golf with an Angry Birds style slingshot controls, but using an energy based system that limits the amount of strokes you can take between holes. There is also special energy that allows you to use power ups you acquire that allow you to take short cuts and navigate further in the game. Hopefully the game's embedded tutorials is enough to help explain how it works.

The game is in alpha - meaning the graphics are mostly place holder, many of which are just collision boxes, and the level design is not finalized, but it's got about 90% of the planned content already. I have a built in feedback system in-game, but it does require logging into google firebase to play the alpha. I'm a solo developer, and I won't harvest your email or collect private data or anything like that.

I'm looking for feedback from anyone who thinks the idea seems cool or is feeling generous with their time.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the post mortem.  Insight into function and form merging organically through your process is really cool. I would have thought you just started with toys... but thinking back on how it played it really worked well... my eyes were naturally drawn to the animation without losing track of who I was. Great job!

Sad story, but satisfying sound design. Well done.

Map design was well done. The learning curve was well done and allowed for small moments of epiphany. A little bit of sound would have helped a lot, but the visual presentation was great.

Fun core loop, nice upgrade path.  I would have liked a "win" upgrade like 50 iron and reach max height to finish the game. Took about 10 minutes to reach end state, but it was full of fun decision making along the way.

Pretty fun, dictionary is very forgiving and inclusive

Great simulation, with a fun game built into it.

Nicely done. I got 12 roses and I'm pretty sure I missed some. I would have liked to seen at least one use of baby speed in a non-obvious area, but overall I enjoyed all the time based mechanics.

We got to PLAY ball, have a QUEST, and go on a HOLIDAY together. My BitBuddy had a good life. Thanks for the free fun, and a chance to kill something lovable.

Where is the toy shovel???

I'm pretty sure what I'm trying to do is not currently supported at this point.

Essentially the docs don't make it clear, but I believe the manifest files and actions only apply to applications run from the Itch client application, and do NOT seem to apply to hosted HTML5 games on

Furthermore you can not make calls to the server side API from inside a hosted HTML5 app on due to CORS

Even using a CORS proxy to circumvent this a call to "" will not return the currently logged in itch user.

At this point I have to assume there is no valid way to get the currently logged in itch user from a hosted HTML5 game.... which is a bummer.

Creating a OAuth flow is a lot of overhead when all you want to do is verify who's running the game.

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I'm trying to follow the guides on how to use a manifest to get access to a ITCHIO_API_KEY inside a HTML5 game hosted on, but I can't seem to get access to the "Itch" global that's supposedly injected when using a manifest.

Here's my .itch.toml:

name = "Default"
path = "index.html"
scope = "profile:me"
sandbox = true
console = true

Here's the butler validation of that toml:

>butler validate ItchAPITest
∙ Validating build directory ItchAPITest
For host 64-bit Windows (native) (use --platform and --arch to simulate others)
∙ Validating 106 B manifest at (ItchAPITest\.itch.toml)
√ Validating 1 actions...
  → Action 'Default' (index.html)
    Requests API scope (profile:me)
    Sandbox opt-in
(ItchAPITest\index.html) yielded 1 candidates when configured with dash
    | (ItchAPITest\index.html) (html)
    |-- 5.43 KiB index.html html-
    |-- ☁ Will be opened as HTML5 app
√ No prereqs listed.

My sample game is a zip file with the html and javascript and I upload it using butler.  It runs just fine in the browser, but when I try the sample code to get the ITCHIO_API_KEY from the global "Itch" it's always undefined.

Does anyone have a sample working example HTML5 app that works?

I don't know if it's broken, or my manifest is wrong, or something else.  This whole process is really opaque.

Thank you such much for playing and your kind words.

The Demo system is a bit stunted and jarring. In the main game everything is tied together via an overworld that matches the styles and graphical themes of levels for each world. However, your feedback is still very valid.  Especially concerning polish and adding some "juice". I've tried to make games before and I spent forever on developing systems and never released anything, so I focused more on content than polish in order to force myself to release the game.

I'll look into improving the game and perhaps making the demo more representative of the full game experience.

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Triple Jump is an auto-running puzzle platformer where you have a library of different “jumps” that you can assign in any combination to three slots.  You are then faced with levels that require some combination of those jumps to solve.

Triple Jump Features:

  • Over 5 worlds and 80 unique levels
    • With three coin layouts for each level
    • Coins system that encourages discovering unique jump combinations
  • Six different jumps
    • Some with hidden alternative uses
    • Over 100 possible jump layouts
  • A gentle learning curve with level assistance mechanics to help prevent getting stuck
    • Also includes a hint system to reduce trial and error
  • A unique level looping system that focuses on persistence over perfection
  • Hidden power ups that help with coin hunting
  • Built in tracking for speed running and level optimizations
    • Fastest times
    • Least number of deaths
    • Least number of jumps
    • Aggregation of these for World and Game totals!
  • Ability to share your progress via Twitter

Triple Jump community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Is you encounter any bugs or issues while running the game please post here.

Triple Jump community · Created a new topic Tech Support

Post here if you are having trouble getting the game to run!

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World Records unlock when you've beat all the levels in a world.

Click on the record to show your overall report card.

Post a screen shot of your report card here to show off.

I very much appreciate your feedback, and I hope you are able to make it to some of the hard levels without getting frustrated.