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Hello. I would like to run a bundle among shooter games.

Terms of sale: The price of this set will be $10.

The entire amount will be divided equally among all developers.

Your game must be in the shooter genre.

Sale started from 2022-05-06 to 2022-05-26 00:00 GMT+3.

All applications are accepted until 2022-05-05 00:00 GMT+3.

Developers who applied with a free game will not share the proceeds

In this file launcher XSolla. only the Windows version has a launcher, you can even see that the files for Mac and Linux are fine, you can check them through the total virus.

Counter Aim is an online fast-paced first-person shooter in which you will fight against players.

Beautiful graphics, a large selection of weapons, clans, more than 7 modes and much more will not let you leave this game.

Thank you, be sure to try part 3 of the game, our games are being actively developed and will soon be released on Steam

there is no such function in the game itself, but itch io it seems like the launcher has an automatic update function

I think it will be necessary to download, or there is an automatic update function, I don't even know.

You downloaded the demo version, so look carefully.

ok right now I will add my information to the profile

Я понимаю русский.

Yes, online is really small, but sometimes there are many players on the network (depends on the server)

Yes, after the end of the distribution, the game will remain forever.

OK, thanks. Discount conditions have been changed. Stay tuned for game news, there may be even larger discounts. If anything, sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker of this language.

in 3 parts of the game there will be bots, improved graphics and optimization and new features

I know, I plan to add bots in 3 parts

I know, I plan to add bots to the 3rd part of the game, but there is an online one, but it is very rare.

Thank you. All this I plan to add in 3 parts which will be much better than the previous parts.

Ask questions, I will answer them.

I will try to fix it, thanks for saying.

What is your version of Windows?

Thank you post, this game is online, but it is most often at night (I live in Russia), I plan to add bots in a future update.

Do not pay attention to the fact that the antivirus swears, there are no viruses.