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Wow.... really....reeeaally insane, 10/10

Thanks for the tip!!!

I'm gonna start creating a sequel in the upcoming months with a different engine and new gameplay mechanics!

Of coruse, I'll be appreciated if you do it :D

Duuude, you rock it!!

I'll use this sprites for my next jam game! :D

Thanks for the asset pack!

Hey, it's Dani here!! I'm a passionate programmer who loves to make games(and even more if it's with teammates :D)

My Last Projects

Also click here to watch my newgrounds account

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Thanks for the compliment!! :D It makes us continuing developing games... THANKS FOR THE GAME JAM Rasp!

Thanks!!! It's good to hear that :D

I used your asset in my last release and it helped us a lot!!! :D

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Here's another project by Danilock, it still under development and I release this demo for a game jam(c# game jam 2020). Would be great if you leave some feedback at the comment section that would be ver veeeeery thankfull!!! :D


Sound: A-Mattashi.

Programming: Danilock.

Art: Legnops,  AnsimusSzadi Art

Enjoyed playing with that crazy bird... it remembered me Flappy bird, but this one is a good version :D!

I hope you can complete the achievemente system!!! looks great :D

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I press the play button but game never started :o

I like the idea of beign dogging the asteroids!! If you add some VFX the game would be pretty cool for mobile platforms! :D

I just saw ONE level design trouble:

1-Some asteroids are instantiated just behind the player and we don't have chance to avoid it.

Thanks for playing my game!!, Yeah I worked hard on that game but after few months just decided to play it again and find all the errors I produced on that game.

Now, I'm working in a new one that would be posted in this Jam soon.

Imma use this "THICC" character on my next game... Looks Amazing!!!

Good job dude!

Amazing!!! This is exactly what I needed :D

I'm just waiting for the Idle and dead animations... Good job Legnops!!! 10/10

As the title says, would be great if you share with us your youtube channel.

of course I like it!

I would add more songs so the game experienece'd be better

I like the idea, if you add more obstacles would be great! :D

I like the game would be great to play it on android/IOS, and seriously... this has potential!! :D

Of course I am interested :D. I'm working in my game in those days.

Nope, in the description they said you can use any tool that uses c#, that includes Unity, Godot etc

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Would like to know if a can use it for my next game :D

PDD: Put the animations in separated spritesheets, it's better and more organized for developers.

First time I get involved in a 8-bit game. Awesome jay. awesome!

Feedback: The collider in the food shop is kinda bugged, I needed to press Z, X and Arrows like crazy to talk to the men

Where can I find more Unity-chan portraits?


Awesome!!! these sprites will be on the full version of "Bald Jhon" 😂😃

2D platfromer game with a bald men.

The art is maded by GrafxKid😁😁

Amazing!!! Thanks for share.

May I use it on my games?

I'll mention you on credits

I'm gonna use your assets for a game.

Imma put you in game's credits.

Thanks men!!!

I put the blurriness by intention rofl

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Click here and use this free asset in your games :D