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This may or may not be a bug but I thought it was a bit strange.

Screen shot--> Transport ship down a worm tube in Sandy Gulch

My laptop went down yesterday so I'm just getting my work laptop up to speed with links and sites I normally visit....

I'll have to watch that Star Trek episode later. Sounds intriguing!

Governors residence would be an interesting addition. It should be some sort of tower that's as high as a skyscraper so the governor has a grand view of the colony. The idea of that being the vantage point allows him to see and do new stuff could be a good concept to build upon.

I did see the video. Didn't have time to really read the article though. I should go read up on that now!

I don't think I've ever seen that episode. But I haven't watched a lot of the original Star Trek Series. Underground farming and mining would be a wonderful addition.

I thought about what a tube mono rail high speed transportation system above the existing tunnels might be like. I think it could look great and be fun to construct but it could be distracting to gameplay. If done right it may not be so bad given that you can change your view in the 3D interface.

I hope they give us better controls over exploring the colonies view. Only being able to toggle through views of the tube sections kinda sucks. I'd like to have a fly through zoom in and out control similar to the Sims 3 when you press "tab". It's great because you can also edit a text doc and adjust the speed and limits of zooming.

I just hope they release the next version soon! Looking forward to checking out the new features.

I'll try the line of apartment idea. May have already done that but I'm not certain. Think I'll also just try tearing down and relocating buildings that are in the way and rebuild them elsewhere to make room for more housing. Maybe I'm not doing that enough.

It would be cool if they added a high speed futuristic train that could be built both above and underground. And make it so it could be built through some of the large holes made by the worms (not the ones the worms are actively using of course). But I think it would look really cool to see sections of the train through the holes passing through in a tube. Something like this--> Future Train.

Cool, maybe I'll pick up a Dune book. I've been looking for something new to read.

I do add Habitats almost every time (and upgrade them) and I continually check the status of the penalty number to see if there is any change in the housing penalty. But I have never seen it go up by more than 1 in a positive direction. =( I've tried adding more tunnels as well but without any improvement still. It actually seems to go in a negative direction slightly a lot of times even though I've gotten my habitats and apartments to have less people in them. And I have tried taking down the apartments after the habitats are up as well. Guess I'll try adding skyscrapers more often where I can to see if that helps as well.

Dune was the first thing I thought of when I first saw the worms as well. Would be pretty cool to see them go that direction with the game. I never got really got into the movie or books but have heard good things.

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I did send my saved games folder to them late last night. Afterwards I realized that, for whatever reason, itch installed a second version of Aven in the same location and just threw a 2 on the end of the folder name. Very strange! I'm wondering if for whatever reason it didn't see the previous installation? Or what? So my saves are still alive and well! But my HD space is suffering on my PCI express SDD HD. So I need to manually go in and delete the duplicate game. And I'm thinking I should just leave the newest installation and copy the saves from the old over to the new as that is the one itch sends me to. I was just tired and didn't feel like doing it last night.

What you're saying about the housing makes sense. I figured it had some sort of radius of influence but am wondering if the same sphere looks for a certain # of tunnels in the sphere to calculate how well colonist have access to their housing? Or # of connecting tunnels? Basically I'm wondering if it matters how I build them or just quantity. I can't seem to bring back up the negative numbers I get no matter how many more additional housing projects I implement or how I spread out the population between the housing.

And I guess I'll need to check out both "Imperium Romanum" and "Dune Battle for Arrakis!"

Well it looks as though my saves have been sabotaged in some strange way possibly. I hope there's a way to get them back. I had 2 sandbox games that I was playing and one of them was to see how much stuff I could build before the game started to slow down. Quite a lot from what I remember!

I swear housing seems to work differently on different maps. That or the concept alludes my brain in some way. I was playing the mission where you need to scan the 3 buildings the other night (on the hardest setting), I had minimal issues with housing penalties and didn't feel like I built any more housing options then I normally do. But most missions I feel like my approval rating is suffering a lot more because I haven't made enough housing for people to live in. I like the system they have for it, I just don't fully understand how the penalty gets calculated.

I haven't checked out that video since before I bought the game. Did they update it? I will try to look at it later. It's hard to watch videos at work until lunch time.

Yes I will when I'm in front of my home computer later today.

Forgot to mention that last night I opened itch to play the game and it said it had an update so I got all excited. But when it finished and I went in to play it was exactly the same version and all of my saved games were gone. How disapointing! Game did seam to play smoother though.

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Good point. Hopefully they don't do away with mechanics I do like.

I have played 4 of the maps on the hardest level and beaten them but lost a few times. And also didn't bother with beginner or easy. One of the times I lost on the hardest level was when my geothermal power plant was struck by lightning. It was a stupid way to lose. Everything was no longer powered so there was nothing I could do. Sure I could have built a solar panel or 2 ahead of time so then I'd have had just enough power for a drone to repair it, but I didn't. A very non-fun way to lose.

I like to pause the game a lot when I play to assess the situation before I make a decision (wish life worked that way). When I have lost games, it was usually because of poor decisions early in the game when I didn't have a lot of nanites and wasn't producing them.

The last mission, where you need to build the colony in 10 seasons for 1000 colonist, I beat on the highest setting first time I played it. That felt good! I guess that's one of the reasons I want more randomly destructive things to happen in higher settings.

I've never played "Imperium Romanum", I'll have to check it out. I think I'd also like to see the game pause for a survey team if they added something like that. I think it should also pause during the audio driven cut-scenes. It's distracting and everything should just pause after the sound effect they use to start them.

Now I see what you're saying. That would make for some interesting gameplay. I can imagine then having other threats in the game that could be dealt with by marines or scrubber drones.

One thing about game play so far, up to the current version, is that I'm often left feeling that the challenges faced in missions should come with more repercussions of a sort. I'm not exactly sure what all of them would entail, but I find myself feeling like some game mechanic should have dealt out greater loss for my shortcomings.

Some examples I can think of:

  • Power reactors being loaded up on workers because I haven't built more of them could lead to a reactor explosion.
  • Creep Spores could spread more rapidly but take longer to destroy a building. They're too easy to deal with, even on the highest setting.
  • Referendums are always an easy win. Maybe have random events that plunge your rating below 50% and depending on how you deal with them (in a timely manner) will restore it. Possibly boost it.
  • Neglecting the crime rate could lead to a loss of Nanites.

I think even more than this is I'd like to see the end of a mission (where I've built up a colony base) mean something as the game progresses. Hopefully they can work something like that in.

I think seeking out a nesting site with marine type units (something like Starcraft I'm imagining) would be a lot of fun! I just wonder if it would fit into the scope of the game with the direction it has been developed so far. I would imagine it getting overwhelming to an average player having to control units like that as well as base manage. But maybe you see it in a different light that it wouldn't be overwhelming.

I would really like to see an archeological type unit and can see that being something that would be easy to manage. Discoveries (like the artifact that's in the 3rd mission) would be a great way to introduce new tech into the game.

I'd like to see that advance to the point where it enables tech allowing you to build and launch another colony ship to another planet in a different star system. The reason could be that discoveries found on Aven Prime have told of a race that left it to rebuild on another planet for some reason. Now command wants you to spearhead the construction of a new colony ship (with enhanced tech from discovered alien tech) that will travel to this world. I imagine gameplay would then shift to you needing to build factories to construct certain parts to be taken into orbit to build the new colony ship. There could be a collapsible screen to see the progress of it.

After several missions and the completion of the new ship, its voyage could be a video of the journey as it begins it's trek to another star system to make contact with these aliens. And then this new planet could be the expansion!

That's my fantasy for the games future at least. Regardless I'm having a lot of fun playing it!

Maybe "fog-of-war" wasn't the best description for what I was imagining, because I do not by any means want the beautiful layout of the land to be hidden from site at any point of the game. Rather I'd basically like to see the resources hidden and need to be found by the rover. Or some other method. Maybe in the begging of the mission there could be a satellite report that iron was found in a section for example. You would then need to explore that area and find that resource. I'd imagine it would be challenging to find something like Zorium before the colonies batteries drained to power an already existing Zorium Plant. I do hope they add more options to sandbox mode. I'd like to be able to set some additional scenario objectives and preset what the base has to begin with.

I do like your idea of being able to upgrade scrubber drones to extend their range and maybe their speed as well.

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Great idea! I'd be happy if it was just controllable to the point where we could tell it where to go and scan for resources.

You could further add challenge to the game by having some type of "terrain fog-of-war" that needs to be explored and the terrain scanned in some way in order to allow building upon. Then maybe make the rover upgradeable to move faster, further and have new scanning capabilities.

OK, thanks for clarifying. =)

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I saw that it said they removed them from Hospitals only. So I was wondering if they are still manufacturer-able to be traded. Why else would I be getting an objective to manufacture them? Unless it was an objective they forgot to remove.

Did you guys just remove "antibiotics" and "antivirals" from Hospitals? or from the game? I was playing Arido Mesa and I was given an objective to offload antibiotics somewhere. But I couldn't find the option to produce them in the chemical plant anymore.

Do you guys plan on adding more to sandbox mode? Like setting scenario objectives or scenario limitations?

Even better than that would be to have a map editor of some kind! I'd think I'd like to see that more than anything else!!!! The idea of creating my own scenarios and sharing them with other community members would make me recommend it to everyone I know! =)

Is there any documentation on the story of the game that has been released yet? Something to give us more info on where the story is going?

I agree. You could figure out things you did wrong maybe by looking at the graphs but that is pretty frustrating! I also think there should be an option to continue gameplay after victory is met.

You can. You just have to enable it. It's disabled by default.

I was playing on the 2nd to most difficult setting. And I understand where you are coming from saying that it is part of the game. It was my fault for not preparing for such a scenario. I had to start over, which was kind of disappointing but not too big of a deal for me.

However, it might be a big deal to others. Especially if they follow the building sequence of objectives that are laid out (as I was) to then be powerless (literally) to do anything for the colony and need to start over. But the simple insertion of the objective to build a backup power source some time prior to a planned lightning strike on the generator would be a great way to challenge the player to prioritize the repair of the generator before that backup power runs out. =)


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Lightning struck my Geo-thermal power source in Tenari Glacier and now I can't build anything in order to produce power to fix it. Is there anything I can do or is this another bug? I think you should add the objective to build a power collecting structure or have one already as part of the base that needs repair. Or something. Screen Shot

I placed a building to be built down that was destroyed next to Creep Spore infected structures and as the drones were building it, it became infected. Thought it was a little weird so I took a Screen Shot. Or was this intentional? I'm playing with the latest version.

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Having a blast playing this game so far!

Some Ideas:

Way to separate and keep open the tabs you want from the Inventory pop-up.

  • I'd specifically would like to keep the buildings tab open and draggable to the corner of the interface. That way I can more quickly find and repair structures with lower integrity when I don't want to s auto-repair.
  • The same thing with the trade Contracts list and maybe have a new trade deal that appears be highlighted.
  • And if these tabs could have condensed versions that would be very ideal for leaving them open in the corners so they don't take up as much room.

I'd like to be able to see average happiness on the bot bar at all times as it is something I often check for.

Differentiate some how (color outline maybe) the different transparent structures in the colony when you select to build or select an existing structure like a farm. (I find myself wanting to be able to recognize other structures when I'm trying to place a new structure to be built around existing structures. It's hard to tell what's what once they become transparent.

I have the same issue. It would be nice to have a way to turn off border scrolling if possible.