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Now I see what you're saying. That would make for some interesting gameplay. I can imagine then having other threats in the game that could be dealt with by marines or scrubber drones.

One thing about game play so far, up to the current version, is that I'm often left feeling that the challenges faced in missions should come with more repercussions of a sort. I'm not exactly sure what all of them would entail, but I find myself feeling like some game mechanic should have dealt out greater loss for my shortcomings.

Some examples I can think of:

  • Power reactors being loaded up on workers because I haven't built more of them could lead to a reactor explosion.
  • Creep Spores could spread more rapidly but take longer to destroy a building. They're too easy to deal with, even on the highest setting.
  • Referendums are always an easy win. Maybe have random events that plunge your rating below 50% and depending on how you deal with them (in a timely manner) will restore it. Possibly boost it.
  • Neglecting the crime rate could lead to a loss of Nanites.

I think even more than this is I'd like to see the end of a mission (where I've built up a colony base) mean something as the game progresses. Hopefully they can work something like that in.