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Daniel Nesov

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That was a test

This game's gonna be EPIC — change my mind!

Ok... How I can contact you? Do you have an email or Discord?

Hello, do you have examples of your work?

Hey! Game has been freezed in the development, and not sure if I'll continue making it any time soon. Game is not playable for now. 

@Haxor there are plugins out there for saving Construct 2's events to a JSON and load them at real time. Then, you want to load sprites of your buildings, using "Load from URL" action, because it can also load images from a local URL (if using nw.js exporter) and, for custom parameters, you can use a JSON file, and there's a "Load asJSON" action for a sprite, which basically loads a whole state of it. Don't forget that you can also use JavaScript to write your own plugins for the engine! I hope I've helped you a little bit.

Jump Adventures community · Created a new topic Just stop

Dont download this game

It is in the description


Does it show error after this?

would be useful if you tell me the fix

Dunno, when does it happen?

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Guys, if your browser blocks the game and you have 3002 error, try this: Maybe finally found the fix of the problem!

Or try to open 4533 port on firewall, both TCP and UDP (For testing purposes, try to open on TCP protocol, and then UDP.)

Changing from Photon to WebRTC 

Or servers are dying

Maybe this will help you. 

idk, will fix it, if find why.

Very nice game.


Please send there bugs, errors etc. in this topic.

Try disabling antivirus or run Ravenfield as administrator.